Mitsui Japanese Beauty

Clear Beauty Product Bottle.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
UI/UX design
Graphic design

A Brand Defined

Our visual storytelling brought Mitsui closer to their goals for connecting with the public and resulted in a design that is at once striking and sophisticated; as classic and timeless as the culture the brand is derived from.

Elegantly Combining Tradition And Science

Mitsui is a leader in the Japanese beauty industry with a passion for delivering products of the highest caliber to the brands they work with.

Created with beauty and personal care materials from Japan, Mitsui specifically tailors their materials for US beauty brands and their customers. Specialty formulations, unique technologies and quality ingredients come together to form an innovative and trusted method for balanced and healthy skin care.

Beauty products and soap for eCommerce experience.

Beauty Simplified, From Start to Finish

UI/UX design of beauty website screen.

UI Screens

Web Design
UI/UX design for beauty website.
Beauty website heading section UI screen.
Models image on beauty Japanese website design.
Left right image and text website layout.

The Visual Formula

In advance of a major national vendor event, we worked with Mistui to create a website layout and brand identity that spoke to their core base of mindful consumers. Values related to the incorporation of natural ingredients into daily beauty routines, bridging the intersections of health and beauty, and offering a transparent narrative around the quality of ingredients were important points of inspiration for our design solutions.

Beige spa stacked towels.
UI UX design mobile floating screens of a Japanese beauty products company.

Bringing The Subtle To The Surface

Mitsui partners with some of the most prominent beauty brands around the world. We elevated site content with optimized copy and developed a strong mobile presence that was brought to life through our branding and design approach. Reflecting the brand’s values of translating the depth of their approach to one that is elegant and evident to consumers, our work encouraged audience journeys that would allow them to explore opportunities for information sharing and to communicate their beauty wellness goals.

Japanese beauty company UI/UX mobile designs.
Mobile UI/UX screens of beauty company.
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Custom Iconography

Custom iconography designs.
Beauty bar soap packaging design.