A Content Management Conundrum

The largest provider of travel medicine in North America, Passport Health has been a key facilitator of health care and immunization services since 1994. With 270+ travel clinic locations and a deep vaccine inventory for travelers of international destinations, Passport Health was a health hub that had a ton of data and information – just not a careful way of sorting it into a comprehensive digital experience.

Passport Health was in search of a creative agency that could simplify the intricacies of its medical content while synthesizing the brand’s full spectrum of vaccination services and travel medicine offerings into an intuitive web-based digital tool. Luckily they identified ArtVersion as a right-fit partner with loads of UI/UX design expertise to meet the challenging task.

Designing User Pathways

home wireframes UI UX Design
wireframes UI UX Design
wireframes UI UX Design

UI/UX Design Execution

Passport Health needed an identity jolt, along with a UI/UX design for this digital platform it envisioned, that would detail its vaccinations with style while also giving its nurses a reliable resource for educating travelers on the breadth of these services. ArtVersion was entrusted to handle not only design of the online platform, but also development too.

ArtVersion established value in Passport Health’s multinational clinic network and in-depth vaccine inventory with a crisp digital interface that truly educates and inspires travel safety. ArtVersion showcased its content management capabilities with a data transfer from print to digital, then helped Passport Health seamlessly display videos of its travel medicine specialists in a crystal-clear format.

products page
malaria ui ux
je ui ux

Passport Health’s core services, ranging from routine immunization to vaccination management services, passport and visa services, biometric screenings and other specialty travel pre-requisites, were spotlighted in a way that exceeded user expectations. ArtVersion created unique pages for specialty vaccines including Chickenpox, Cholera, Hepatitis A & B, Influenza, Japanese Encephalitis, Measles Mumps & Rubella, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Polio, Rabies, Shingles, Tetanus Diphteria & Pertussis, Typhoid Fever and Yellow Fever. Altogether, Passport Health’s vaccination services were positioned as the gateway to travel – interactive and exciting.

Responsive Design

meningitis ui ux
portfolio mobile screens
portfolio mobile screens 2

Custom Infographics

rabies infographic
zika infographic
typhoid infographic
shingles infographic
influenza infographic
portfolio mobile screens 3

For a Healthier World

Upon conclusion of the web tool’s design and development, Passport Health’s audiences were able to absorb the abundance of educational, informational content about vaccine inventory with a relative ease that hadn’t been there before. Ins and outs of Passport Health’s vaccine inventory were made more digestible. With more targeted messaging and a cohesive brand experience that reiterated Passport Health as an authority in immunization services, the final result has left a lasting impression on modern travelers – today, and in years to come.

ArtVersion’s reputation as a top health care software development company has been well-documented, and the project with Passport Health was another shining example.