A company building exterior.

UI and Web Design for Autonomous Driving Solutions Company 

PlusAI, an innovative company in autonomous driving solutions, engaged ArtVersion to design their website and user interface design. The growing team needed a digital presence that would share their AI-based software and modular solutions across vehicles and applications. With their technology solutions quickly growing, the website was much needed to catalyze their digital presence for interested investors and intrigued audiences.

A desktop UI mockup.
A self driving truck sensing the area around it and driving forward.

Project Disciplines

UI/UX Design
Web Design
A visual representation of what a self driving truck sees.
A laptop mockup of a team members web page design.

Web Design for Increased Brand Visibility

To capture PlusAI’s innovative technology, their web presence had to capture the same feel as their high-end software.

ArtVersion designed and developed an interactive platform that attained visual elements and microinteractions that mimicked that aesthetic, while also focusing on the usability aspect. The user journeys were purposefully designed to showcase their solutions narratively, while also demonstrating how they functioned with animations, interactive visuals, and custom iconography.

This approach intersected aesthetics with functionality, using intuitive design and data visualization to make complex technology accessible and engaging for a broad audience. In doing so, PlusAI's web design transcends traditional presentations, setting a new standard in conveying technological sophistication and innovation in a visually compelling and informative manner.

A billboard mockup for self driving trucks.

Color Selections

The blue color story remained true to PlusAI’s logo design and was carried out throughout the website. Different hues and shades of blue were introduced by the ArtVersion team as accent colors that offered a new dimension and depth throughout the web design. Midnight Navy, Azure Blue, and Coastal Teal, all complimented the other, and visually tied the design together.

Midnight Navy
Azure Blue
Coastal Teal
Open Sans regular typeface.
Open Sans
Open Sans semi bold typeface.
Open Sans
Open Sans extra bold typeface.
Open Sans


The classic, but impactful typography Open Sans was utilized for the typography choice. Different formatting of the typeface was incorporated across headers, sub-headers, and body text for visual hierarchy and structural flow. The typography demanded attention when implemented in headers, and subheaders but also provided users with readability in the body text.

Double circle orbit with two blue custom icons.
An ad for a self driving truck.

UI Design

The web design for PlusAI skillfully incorporated sleek, advanced graphic design elements to not only detail PlusAI’s services and software but also to offer a distinctive aesthetic that enhances the overall user experience. By embedding each UI element with representations of their sensor detection technology—crucial for their autonomous vehicles and semi-trucks—the design added visual interest and educated visitors about the complex workings of self-driving technology. 

A laptop mockup of a web page design with a map of the united states.

UI Screens

Web Design
A web design showcasing different icons.
A web page with a custom graphic of a truck.
A news section for a website.
A map design in a website.

Responsive Design

A mobile design for a contact page.
A mobile design of a meet the team page with a video.
A mobile web page design on gallery page with layout of autonomous truck.
A mobile web page design on "Team" page.
A 3D render of a self driving truck with other vehicles around it.

The Result

The web design for this emerging tech company acted as a crucial gateway to boost brand awareness and visibility. Filled with engaging interactive elements, it captured the audience's interest but also enlightened potential investors about the company's technological advancements and future possibilities. PlusAI’s new web presence vividly showcased the company's innovative vision and its potential to shape the future.