Ravenswood Chiropractic

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Project Disciplines

UX research
UX design
Graphic design


Brand development and visibility for patient-centered healthcare requires keying in to the authenticity and tone of the practice and clinical offerings. ArtVersion worked alongside the team at Ravenswood Chiropractic and Wellness Center to deliver visuals and messaging to exceed user expectations, creating a more streamlined experience for the organization.

Worker wearing scrubs with logo practice on the front.
Chiropractor aligning patients upperback.
Color brand logo design on light gray background.

Brand & User Integration

One of Chicagoland’s leading professional healthcare specialists, Renn Wellness was founded in 2002 to provide patients with a caring and motivational environment to promote healing and wellness. 

Implementation & Development

ArtVersion strategized a plan to implement identity development, site redesign, content strategy and information architecture in a WordPress responsive environment. A robust CMS allows the team to be agile, managing their content to deliver experiential brand visibility and customer engagement.

chiropractor custom iconography
Chiropractic web site UI screen.
Header Section on Chiropractor Website
Web design for a wellness center.
Icons and text UI screen on chiropractor website.
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mobile design screens of chiropractor website
spine sketch for chiropractor clinic