Understanding the the needs of the end user is critical to delivering an intelligent design. With a solidly developed brand foundation, the packaging development process focuses on how the identified customer base will utilize both the product and package, providing informative and user-centered content about the brand and products uses.

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Brand Development & Custom Industrial Packaging

On the heels of a full brand refresh, ArtVersion worked with the newly designed Uni Post Systems brand team to determine product specifications for a new suite of industrial packaging. The team leveraged existing knowledge of Uni Post System’s brand values to concept and design packaging systems that would reflect the refreshed look and feel, resonating with the brand’s longtime loyal customer base.

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Branding Strategy

Working with the DWM Holdings team, we realized that the heart of the company was its storytelling perspective. Manufacturing, fabricating and shipping all products from their Michigan warehouse with much of the workforce having been with them for years. It was important that the new branding would align with the spirit of this family run company, yet reflect a new and innovative point of view.

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Company Web Design

Upon assessment of the current-state brand presence, we identified areas of opportunity for creating consistent, appropriate brand identity and standards, including the shift from Uni Post Poles to Uni Post Systems, helping to better convey the company’s product offering. Our work then shifted to collaborative iterations of logo design, color palette, brand usage guidelines and ultimately – the redesign of the company’s website.

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