With a newly launching line of products, the team at Vita Mobility Werks approached ArtVersion to build the brand from the ground up. From market positioning to brand development, logo design and color scheme analysis all the way to the design of a multi channel responsive web launch – VMW was open and ready to experiment with the bold and modern approach imagined by the ArtVersion team.

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Brochure Layout Design

Through a highly collaborative process, ArtVersion was immersed in the VMW brand delivering a core style guide for the brand from which to develop all collateral to follow. A series of on-location photo shoots were necessary to capture the ideal brand messaging and market approach for both product and lifestyle positioning. From here, a full suite of creative collateral was developed for the identity of the business including business cards, stationery, product brochures, trade show displays and catalogues.

brochure layout
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logo branding design

A Multi-Channel End-to-End User Experience Strategy

VMW was also in need of multiple digital platforms to cater to their expansive customer base. ArtVersion designed and developed a web presence that would be easily recognizable via strong branding, taking a simplistic approach to content to reinforce messaging. Structuring the right user pathways to create a seamless user experience was the ultimate goal for all stakeholders. The result was a launch that is truly unique in today’s marketplace and appealing to a prospective user.

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