The Mission

Giving a non-profit the tools they needed to create change and expand their mission, ArtVersion collaborated with XS Tennis and Education Foundation to launch a website introducing as many Chicago youth as possible to XSTEF’s program, creating pathways to college, graduate school, and successful futures.

Web Design Strategy

XS Tennis needed to reflect the community and strength of it’s program and stellar advisory board, not only for youth and participants, but also provide impact and credibility for current and future sponsors and engage contributors.The website interface is designed to project vision, strength clarity, energy – resonant of the program, it’s team, mentors, and community.

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ui ux web2
village ui ux
tennis icons
mobile ui ux
ui ux desktop

User Experience Design

A donation format was designed with “building brick” storytelling, creating engagement and participation opportunities for all levels of financial contribution and sponsorship. “It takes a village to build one…” The ArtVersion team is honored to have a part in building this very important initiative.