One secret weapon of online marketers is using eBooks as a way to entice visitors to divulge their email addresses.

This is how your site works without an eBook:

A visitor comes to your site and pokes around for a bit. Most of the time they leave fairly quickly unless they were looking for something very specific that you happened to offer.

This is how your site works with an eBook:

A visitor comes to your site and pokes around for a bit. They’re about to leave when they notice an advertisement for a free eBook. They are intrigued. Plus it has an incredibly catchy title: The Secret to Making More Money. They want to know your secret! They type in their address and the eBook is all theirs, downloaded to their email in mere seconds. They leave your site, but they’ve left you a precious gift — their email address.

Most businesses know that a consumer’s email address is worth its weight in gold.

Creating an eBook isn’t easy. You need to have the content professionally written and have it professionally designed. There’s no point in giving something away for free that doesn’t put you in the very best light. You want people to remember you fondly for this gesture, not think you gave them something that was worth nothing.

However, all that work is really worth it in the end when you’ve grown your email list by hundreds of names, which really means you have hundreds more potential customers, and higher profits.

If an eBook is too daunting, consider creating a white page, which is usually around 8-10 pages instead of eBooks which are much longer.

Would you consider investing in an eBook for your site? Do you have one already?