Important Website Elements

Designing a good website is about more than picking a color scheme and slapping on a header. The truly great websites have a few elements that need to be top-notch in order for the website to wow.

1. Web Content

A website without content is just art. Therefore, content comes first. Good content breaks into two groups. The first part is: the content needs to be well written, easy to read, and it should achieve its goal. Whether that is to sell products or communicate a story, if the content doesn’t achieve what it set out to do, the whole website is a bust. The second part to content is the way it is arranged. It needs to flow so the eye naturally goes to the next sentence, paragraph, or page.

2. Web Usability

Good website design means that visitors should be able to go from point A to point B by following a natural path that requires no heavy thought. Some websites choose to have many, many tabs, which can be confusing. However, there are good ways and bad ways to navigate these tabs. As long as they are organized and logically move from one to another, using a lot of tabs can be a great way to organize information.

3. Web Design

Of course design is important. A bad design can ruin a website and cause visitors to turn away. The design needs to look professional and have a theme that runs through the entire website. From the header to the footer to the sidebar, the look should be cohesive.

There are obviously many more important elements to a website. SEO is big, as is the ability to search the site, and share the site. However, if these big three are done right, the website can’t fail.