Many traditional forms of advertising and marketing are being replaced by e-marketing.
Direct mailings are no different. Now most companies are choosing to send email blasts and e-newsletters rather than spending the money to mail actual paper.

This means your email marketing needs to be designed to absolute perfection. Most email boxes are so bogged down with offers and communication that it can be a challenge to grab a reader’s attention. In order to make an avid reader out of those who open your email blasts, you have to hook them right away with great design.

Email marketing design needs to hit the right balance of welcoming and professional. Opening your email, people should know the following three pieces of information right away:

  • You are a professional business
  • How you can help them
  • You are a welcoming company

Designing a great email takes into account imagery, design, and copywriting. They should have titles, just like a blog post or article would, in order to convey the overall message you are trying to get across.

Additionally, email blasts can involve some sort of thank you offer if it is in response to people signing up for your newsletter or information. A 10% off offer if they mention the newsletter is a great way to thank people for parting with their most precious gift, their email address.

Don’t skimp on designing email marketing, it can make a big difference in how many people click away before reading and those who take the time to read your content.