A logo, which is a sign or character representing a company, is an important part of branding. Having a custom logo design is an essential to any company and brand, no matter how big or small. A logo should go on marketing materials, social media platforms, business cards, websites etc.

When having a logo designed there are a few factors to consider:


Don’t be tempted to use a large company’s logo as inspiration. This is about setting your company apart from the competition. The purpose is for people to see the logo and automatically associate with who you are and what you do. That is why it’s so important it’s unique.

Some ways to make a logo unique is to assign it an interesting shape, give it a boldness so it dominates a page with its presence, and give it good contrast.


Whatever the tone of your business, that is the tone your logo should hit. When designing a logo for The Cartoon Network, that is much different than designing a logo for a funeral home. The colors, fonts, design, and overall feel should reflect that.


A logo is something that will hopefully be around for the life of a company. Think of McDonalds or Apple or Nike, when was the last time they changed their logo? Not in the last twenty years, if ever. That’s because while marketing messages may change, or a website design might be updated, a logo never is. So don’t give into current trends and instead go for something that is solid and simple.

What do you think makes a good logo?