Infographic on a user interface design for a financial company.

UI and white paper design for software company transforming risk management.

Project Disciplines

Print Design
Graphic Design
A zoomed in view of a corporate logo on a white paper header.

Interactive Visual Elements

Aclaimant, a leading software company that provides their clients peace of mind with loss prevention and risk management, wanted their established website to feel more interactive and intuitive. Their team entrusted ArtVersion to design and develop web graphics and animations for their website and their digital reports. The graphic design team curated these graphics for their CFO dashboard and safety and claims webpages and report. The visuals introduced a new, intuitive layer to the previously static website and effectively divided the visually dense data and information. ArtVersion also designed and developed animations for their infographics, call-outs, charts, and bar graphs for the digital report design. The animations were designed to be subtle and considerate of accessibility needs, ensuring they complemented the information without overwhelming it. Overall, the graphics and animations added a dynamic and engaging touch to their digital platform.

A rectangular sign showcasing a logo for a software company.
A web design for a risk management company displayed on a tablet screen.
A roll of corporate logo branded stickers in various colors.

White Paper and Report Design

Aclaimant’s team had research findings that they wanted to share with their audience and internal stakeholders. ArtVersion switched gears from digital to print to design and structure white paper and report designs.

These reports delved into the financial best practices with industry-proven tips and tricks, as well as risk management breakdowns.  When designing these reports, the team organized the layout to be contextually accurate, placing content and visuals together to engage the reader further. This included establishing a clear visual hierarchy, performing in-depth cross-checking of information, and more. Additionally, the team developed a reusable case-study template for Aclaimant to utilize facilitating future information sharing with a readily available, efficient format. Both the white paper design and templates were cohesive with the company’s overall design language and branding standards, as well as optimized for print and digital mediums.

Color Palette

The usage of color was a vital tool throughout the initiatives, as it allowed for not only the graphics to pop with movement and color, but the reports and white paper were rich with content, thus color helped break the eye. It was utilized for callouts of key information but also added a visually interesting feel. ArtVersion utilized the colors that were a part of Aclaimant’s branding ecosystem but interspersed the colors creatively throughout.

Light Green
Dark Green
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Open Sans
Opens Sans


Readability was a top priority in the design of the reports for Aclaimant. The information needed to be easy to read and understand. To achieve this, ArtVersion chose the typography of Open Sans—a classic yet practical choice. This typeface imparted a modern look and feel and focused on conveying information clearly and effortlessly. The selection of Open Sans helped ensure that the content was accessible, enhancing the reader's experience for quick comprehension of the material presented in both the reports and the white papers.

Tradeshow Design and Marketing Collateral

Tradeshow events are a critical component of Aclaimant’s strategy to promote their software product. 

To support this, the graphic design team at ArtVersion designed tradeshow event items and marketing materials tailored for the SaaS company. These materials were crafted to represent Aclaimant authentically and effectively, showcasing the company's leadership and core values through tangible items that best conveyed their brand identity. ArtVersion focused on ensuring each item was of high quality and uniquely designed to capture the attention of event visitors. The range included eye-catching banners and signage, as well as engaging swag items and merchandise, all of which were optimized to make a memorable impact and draw the visitor's eye at any event.

The Outcome

The collaboration with ArtVersion allowed Aclaimant to have a much more visually engaging presence. With dynamic features now on their website and platforms, along with collateral items, the team had a design language that was optimized across all touchpoints and channels. This strengthened brand enablement and further helped in enhancing their market presence and reputation among stakeholders and competitors alike.