Glowing casino signage at night.
The clients logo appears on top of a patterned background.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Clients logo in gold color embossed on material.
Yellow dice on a black background.
Two mobile devices floating displaying UI designs for a casino website.
Three iPad tablet devices displaying digital ads.

A Luxurious, High-End Vision

ArtVersion participated in a competitive review alongside a distinguished shortlist of creatives, contributing ideas aimed at enriching Rivers' graphic design, production, and brand asset development. The initiative sought a creative partner for comprehensive support across various areas of branding, including creative and art direction, collateral, custom campaign designs, graphic and UI designs, among others.

In this context, ArtVersion put forward a vision to craft visual assets that resonate with the luxurious, high-end aesthetic characteristic of Rivers, proposing the integration of rich, sleek graphics. The visual assets aligned with their brand standards but also pushed the boundaries toward a more elevated visual experience.

Playing card deck branded.
An ad inside of a building that reads "More Choices. More enjoyment."
A branded stack of betting chips.
Stationery design for a casino brand.
A person's hand using a slot machine.

Color Selections

The vision for the palette featured a navy, gold, and white color story that reflected a commitment to opulence. The Royal Navy and Gilded Gold were selected to highlight a premium aesthetic. Diamond White provided a crisp and clean contrast against the deeper colors, to further emphasize elegance. All colors worked together seamlessly to reflect a sense of grandeur—evocative of the experience and resonating with the high-quality entertainment Rivers offers.

Royal Navy
Gilded Gold
Diamond White
Casino logo with metallic text.
A string envelope for a casino company.
Happy people playing at the casino.
A casino advertisement design on a subway train.

A Modern Reconceptualization

ArtVersion’s approach embraced a modern yet cohesive reimagining of its creative branding needs. The strategy for this initiative explored a contemporary reinterpretation of Rivers' enduring legacy—carefully crafted to infuse fresh energy into the brand while maintaining its core identity that resonated with long-time patrons but also appealed to a new generation of visitors. The initiative aimed at creating a seamless coalescence of tradition and innovation.