UI mobile screen showcasing a home and build company website.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
UI/UX design
Graphic design
Marketing collateral
Marketing collateral design for a home and build company.

Website Refresh for Home Remodeling and Renovation Company

Airoom was seeking a website refresh that better aligned with their vision of a contemporary look and robust functionality. Their team came to ArtVersion to create a memorable user experience.

As a company specializing in remodeling and renovations for homes, the core goal behind the website redesign was to convey a professional look and improve website capabilities. ArtVersion migrated its established website onto WordPress CMS for customization and integration flexibility. WordPress was also selected for its robust framework that offered better mechanisms for internal and external communications.

Additionally, ArtVersion restructured the user interface design for a unique style and layout that led to conversion funnels and pathways. The website needed to be optimized for resolution flexibility by utilizing responsive website design methodologies such as grid technologies for all devices. In parallel, the site was finely tuned with the latest SEO practices and metadata strategies, significantly elevating Airoom’s search rankings to bolster conversions and market visibility.

Ipad screens in grid layout showing website of home and build company.

Design Language

The design ethos for Airoom’s website aimed to strike a balance between professionalism and approachability, creating an engaging user experience rich in content, data, and showcases of their portfolio. ArtVersion devised a strategy to overhaul the website’s structure and layout to capture user attention and drive conversions, utilizing visually interesting elements such as large, rich headers, user-friendly sliders, and dynamic graphics. The site’s aesthetics and style leaned more toward a simple aesthetic but this was also optimized with timeless elegance with gradients, throughout.

UI design system of a timeline for a design and architect build company.

UI Visuals

Web Design
UI screen design for a home and build company showcasing heading title.
A design and build company historical time line web design.
UI screen design for a home and build company.
A timeline of a design and build company displayed on a website.
UI screen design for a home and build company with anniversary logo mark.
UI screen design for a home and build company showing featured projects.

Design Systems

Laptop screen showcasing website of a home and build company.

Enhanced Visual Assets

ArtVersion's graphic design team elevated the website by refining visuals and assets to enhance performance and aesthetic appeal.

They stylized the portfolio images to be high resolution accompanied by gradients and design elements to add a layer of visual intricacy. Beyond the website, the team fine-tuned marketing materials, crafting design concepts that resonated with Airoom's brand identity, for consistency and adaptability across various platforms. The optimization approach helped to reinforce the site's robust functionality.

Mobile screens showing website of a home and build company.
Open sans in regular font weight.
Open Sans
Open sans in semibold font weight.
Open Sans
Georgia in regular font weight.


Open Sans and Georgia were selected for their timeless elegance and readability. Open Sans is known for its versatility and clarity, making it perfect for various digital and print applications. Georgia, with its classic serif design, adds a touch of sophistication and tradition to the text. These fonts are ideal for conveying professionalism and credibility, whether in project galleries, promotional materials, or website content. Their combination creates an inviting atmosphere that appeals to homeowners seeking remodeling inspiration.

Color Selections

The curated color palette combined deep tones with warm, sophisticated colors to convey professionalism and elegance. These colors coalesced a modern and adaptable look, essential for showcasing Airoom's services as flexible and versatile in their approach to remodeling.

Navy Blue
Rustic Redwood
Slate Black
Floor plan and blueprints of a home and build company.

The Outcome

The website's refresh took Airoom’s website to new heights of sophistication with a contemporary style. The website was equipped to strengthen conversion pathways for potential clients and elevate their visual reputation at the forefront of the remodeling and redesign industry.

Ipad screen showing ui design of a home and build company website.