WordPress Web Design

10 years of WordPress Development

We are celebrating a decade of WordPress excellence and recognition as the most popular open source CMS. Transitioning to cloud based instances, WordPress has been our platform of choice for many different applications. Freedom from licensing coupled with robust collective of developers and 3rd party plugins allow for seamless integration and usage at scale. With a custom tailored approach and front-end design that shines your brand promise and allows organic optimization and user-centered conversion strategies, we are able to build comprehensive web solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Why WordPress?

As a enterprise-ready solution, WordPress is one of the preferred content management systems for businesses applications because it’s easy to use, easy to manage, and has a long standing history of usage with a short administrative learning curve. But just like any other platform, experience and expertise in properly designing a website that is fully-optimized and a site that functions with a flexibility of growth in mind is a key.

Our Specialty is WordPress Web Design

ArtVersion’s Chicago based team specializes in WordPress web design. We adapted early, in fact we are among first WordPress web design Chicago based teams. So far, we built from scratch hundreds of WP sites. We have worked with thousands of clients thought last decade on variety WordPress projects. With WordPress, it’s not just about how the site looks, it’s about all the little details such as how content is archived, how plugins are used, how visitors can engage and interact with your site. We can also ensure the design and code is SEO friendly, so you have a head start in your search engine campaigns.

Custom WordPress Design

While you can go with any of the publicly available themes, there are many downsides relying on them. You’ll be using a design that hundreds, maybe even thousands of other websites are using in addition that many of them are not fully optimized. You’re never sure if there are any incompatibilities and errors with the theme that is visible only to search engines. You also cannot make changes to match the vision of how you want your WordPress site to look. That being said, we custom design WordPress themes with our innovative coding technique, by using Responsive Web Design technologies and child themes. Ensuring your WordPress custom theme longevity and robustness.

Why Custom WordPress Theme?

We can help you develop a unique presence with your business through custom WordPress design. There are many advantages of getting custom web design work done. It shows visitors that you care about your image, it allows you to work with clean code, and it gives you choices in the look and feel of your site. This includes everything from your image displays, sidebars, fonts, home page layout, blog post displays and more.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

We also excel in building custom plugins for your WordPress sites. It’s not always ideal to use public plugins because they can be buggy, have limitations and conflict with other existing plugins. Whether you’re looking for a unique plugin your organization needs or a simple plugin that simply works without any problems, it’s a good idea to get a custom plugin developed.

Let Us Take Care of Your WordPress Web Design

ArtVersion has an award winning Chicago based creative team on board to excel your expectations. We’ll make sure that your site is in sync with your brand image, create a design that engages your audience and ensure that your site functions the way you expect it to.

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