Mockup design of UI screens for a manufacturing company.

Web design for innovators in motor detection technology.

Project Disciplines

Web Design
UI/UX Design
Graphic Design

Web Design Built on Precision

Leading the way in the manufacturing industry, ALL-TEST Pro (ATP) was ready to align its innovation with a fully optimized website refresh. ATP is a manufacturer of preventative electric motor testing equipment that analyzes the health of motors. ArtVersion worked with the company to redesign their website with a focus on user journeys and architecture. Their website was rich with webpages that needed to be structured to better solidify its user pathways. ArtVersion’s development team audited and analyzed the website’s site map to uncover new, effective pathways for the website redesign, which resulted in a much more effective flow.

Modern Design Language

The redesigned website struck a balance of spotlighting the products while weaving in engaging visual elements that guided users to their desired devices without distraction.

To achieve this ArtVersion incorporated pops of color throughout to emphasize each motor device, which stood out against the lighter backdrop. They also used isolated imagery to showcase the intricate details of each device. Additionally, they integrated industry-related visuals with a soft, rounded style to add depth. As new components were introduced to ATP’s website, ArtVersion worked with their team to also refresh their brand standards to incorporate these new changes—enabling brand activation and enablement for future initiatives.

Color Palette

The website was infused with a contemporary and vibrant color story, a methodical choice that set it apart in an industry where lively palettes are seldom used. For ATP’s site, this vibrant scheme was applied across iconography, typography, and various elements, including microinteractions, providing a distinctive edge over competitors.

Light Blue


Arial was chosen for its clean, contemporary appearance and legibility across various digital platforms. Recognized for its neutral design and versatility, Arial fast-tracked a seamless integration with the overall aesthetic of the website, safeguarding that the text was both approachable and easy to navigate. Its widespread use and familiarity also played a key role, as it helped reduce the cognitive load for users, allowing them to focus more on the content.

Optimized for Scalability

The website's structure, rich with subpages, necessitated robust functionality, which ArtVersion adeptly optimized.

Product pages featured detailed content, graphs depicting specs and features, eCommerce links to vendors, and embedded videos, all developed with speed in mind to minimize loading times. This enhancement was achieved through scalability best practices aimed at accommodating future growth, such as optimizing image resolutions, incorporating lazy loading, and more. Alongside these scalability and speed optimizations, the website was also enhanced with SEO best practices and metadata descriptions in the backend. Post-launch, ArtVersion’s team conducted a thorough analytic review to not only ensure the website’s speed and usability were up to par but also to monitor user behavior to foster traffic growth and engagement.

The Outcome

Overall, ArtVersion’s approach to developing the website ensured a seamless and efficient user experience that was both visually appealing and highly functional. By implementing cutting-edge design and technical strategies, they helped enhance the site’s performance and positioned it competitively in the digital marketplace.