A Report Design

As an advocate for anti-Semitism and anti-hate, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) engaged ArtVersion to design a visually impactful report that could cohesively convey their powerful and vital data-based research against extremist content. Through the implementation of a sleek layout, carefully selected graphic design decisions, and organized data visualization, ADL’s message for the greater good of the future, was optimized with an innovative design.

Scope of work included

ResearchStrategyGraphic DesignContent AnalysisData Visualization

An Anti-Hate Stance

ADL’s provided content—a part of the Belfer Fellowship Series, on their mission to put an end to defamation and instead insist on the fair treatment of all, was the central lifeline of the project. The research report dove into the impact of exposure to extremist content on social platforms such as YouTube. Promoting the end of cyberhate with analytical studies was attained through data application that the ArtVersion team was able to organize throughout the report. Content analysis played a vital role in the curation and placement of ADL’s data findings with infographic and chart design integration.

close up cover innerspread

Project Execution

ArtVersion crafted different iterations for the report design, and with collaboration and feedback from ADL, this final design layout was chosen for the project. With typography selection, image implementation, and content organization, the 40-page report was able to come into fruition.

The addition of linear, yet minimal visual components with images embedded into the design, engages the reader with a sleek, eye-grabber that amplifies the design while remaining loyal to the color scheme.

report cover page
report inner spreads 2
report inner spreads 3
report inner spreads 4
report inner spreads design
report inner spreads design
report inner spreads design
report inner spreads design
report inner spreads design

Visually Dynamic

The accomplished goal for the end result was to allow ADL’s research to speak for itself, within a visually alluring report design. Graphic design elements with the contrast of dark blocks for the text, neatly intertwined against a white-paged backdrop, allowing for variety, which is an essential design decision particularly for a content-heavy project.

The pop of bright, colorful hues and color stories purposefully implemented within—purples, yellows, and blues, allowed for a cohesive design that simultaneously offered an innovative edge with the visual direction.

Print Design

Impactful Infographics

With the vision of the ArtVersion team, a variety of infographics, linear, plot, and bar graphs were curated to further enhance information organization and representation. The graphs were strategically placed against a black block to stand out with the color arrangement for a visually appealing experience on key information.

data graph 2
data graphs 1
data graph 3

A Powerful Purpose

The collaboration allowed for ADL to continue to push their mission to end hateful speech online. With a revamped design layout for the report content, their impactful research findings took solid shape within the redesign.