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Project Disciplines

Design Strategy
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Drupal Development
Print and digital marketing collateral pieces for a tech company.

Strategic Approach to Meet SaaS Business Objectives

Egnyte, a leader in cloud storage solutions, engaged ArtVersion to undertake a comprehensive redesign of its website on the Drupal platform.

This project was initiated to enhance user experience, improve functionality, and better reflect Egnyte's innovative solutions in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The primary challenge was to create a website that not only aligned with Egnyte's brand identity and values but also elevated its online presence to match the company's status as a tech innovator. 

ArtVersion approached this challenge with a user-centered design philosophy, beginning with an in-depth analysis of Egnyte's target audience and their online behavior.

Drupal Web Design

The existing website needed a design overhaul to improve navigation, showcase the breadth of Egnyte’s offerings more effectively, and enhance user engagement.

Additionally, the platform’s migration to Drupal required a seamless transition, ensuring no disruption to Egnyte’s operations or user experience. The redesign emphasized a clean, modern aesthetic that reflects Egnyte’s innovative spirit.

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The collaboration between ArtVersion and Egnyte set a new benchmark for innovation in digital design and user experience, laying a solid foundation for Egnyte's continued success in the competitive tech industry.

Utilizing the flexibility and scalability of the Drupal platform, ArtVersion developed custom modules and themes to enhance site performance and user engagement. The team also prioritized responsive design, ensuring the website offers a seamless experience across all devices.

The redesign emphasized a clean, modern aesthetic that reflected Egnyte's innovation.

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The new website used legible typography, primarily from the Open Sans family. It featured streamlined content and information architecture that clearly communicated Egnyte's value proposition, supported by visually engaging elements to highlight key features and benefits.

Color Selection

ArtVersion crafted a color palette that combined deep, dark blue tones with subtle hints of green, creating a sophisticated and tech-forward aesthetic. This primary color scheme was thoughtfully complemented with fresh aqua accents, introducing a vibrant and energizing contrast that captured the user's attention and emphasized key information.

The selection was strategic, aiming to evoke a sense of innovation and security. The dark blues conveyed reliability and strength, while the green hues hint at growth. The aqua accents used sparingly, serve to guide the user's journey across the website to facilitate navigation. Together, these colors created an engaging and cohesive online experience that aligned with Egnyte's design language.

Brand color selections for a tech company.
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The Outcome

The launch of the redesigned website marked a significant milestone in the company's digital transformation. The migration to Drupal provided Egnyte with a robust, scalable platform, ready to accommodate future growth and the integration of new features and functionalities. With a clearer content strategy and optimized UX, the website has seen a notable increase in conversion rates, driving more leads and customer acquisitions. Users enjoyed more intuitive and engaging online journey, resulting in longer session times and increased engagement.