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Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
Graphic design

Custom Presentation Visuals with an Edge

Presentation design on desktop screen computer.

ArtVersion was selected to work with RTB House—an online advertising company utilizing innovative technology—to execute a design for their team’s presentation and marketing visuals.

Presentation Design

Slide Deck Aesthetics
Digital presentation design title cover slide.
Percent data presentation design with image and graphic elements.
Presentation design icon image graphic design.
Presentation graph data design and circular image element.
Presentation design with icons and circles.
Presentation design type treatment with circular graphic elements.

Color Palette

Color stories are, undoubtedly, one of the first visual elements that can make a first impression on an audience. To add flare to the presentation designs, ArtVersion introduced new accent colors to the visuals—sky blue, violet, and charcoal, to help emphasize key ideas throughout the presentation, make call-outs stand out, and offer dimension to the infographic elements. The color direction cohesively complimented RTB House’s established brand colors, while adding a new, eye-catching touch. 

Eggplant Purple
Sky Blue
Scarlett Red
Capital and lowercase letter A in Arial black font weight.
Capital and lowercase letter A in Helvetica Neue regular font.
Helvetica Neue
Capital and lowercase letter A in Helvetica Neue italic font.
Helvetica Neue


Readability is an important consideration when designing presentation materials. To stylize a professional, yet versatile visual story, Helvetica Neue and Arial were chosen for the project as they capture a clean, neutral, and readable look. Both fonts facilitate the delivery of information in a straightforward, engaging manner, making them ideal for communicating effectively with an audience.

Digital presentation design slide decks on grid layout.

Industry-Leading Data Visualization with a Creative Flare

Visual communications—slide deck designs, data-integrated graphics, and presentation materials—were creatively designed to align with RTB House’s sophistication and innovation in their advertising services and future-forward technology.

Across all visual communications, sleek infographics were custom-designed to grab the attention of audiences internally and externally. The graphic design elements leaned into circular motifs that were stylistically and symbolically selected to emphasize a more human-centric approach to the design. Circles, for their well-rounded nature, often reflect the notion of trust. RTB House does just that with its technology with personalized ads that respect the integrity of its users’ privacy. Not only did the graphic elements reflect this idea, but the usage of human interactions within the carefully curated photography integration, was also part of this initiative.

Custom Iconography

ArtVersion designed custom icons throughout the visuals to break up the information load within the communication designs. The visual breaks were contextually designed to be relevant to any point and purpose of each page they were utilized within. Also curated to help emphasize ideas, the custom icons added an extra layer of visual interest.

Custom icon wavelength element.
Hand touching mobile phone screen icon.
Mobile Device
Custom iconography laptop icon.
Laptop Device
Hand touching tablet custom icon.
Digital Platfrom

Graphic Design Elements

Custom icon elements and digital lines.
Custom digital iconography design.
Custom graph and chart design for presentation.


The timeless designs and presentation materials captured RTB House’s services and products with visual communications that are true to their leading innovations.

Presentation designs slide deck on a grid layout.