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Project Disciplines

Web Design
Brand Strategy
Graphic Design

Web Design for Aviation Company Simplifying Travel.

Design and Development Innovation

ArtVersion worked with the Banner Aviation team with a sleek, luxurious design, backed by a robust framework.

Banner Aviation, a one-stop aviation shop that helps clients find the perfect plane, and provides maintenance, and private piloting services, was seeking to take their business to new heights. ArtVersion helped the team with a website design that emphasized their luxurious jet services, backed by a framework that helped grow the company’s visibility and discoverability in the digital space.

Company-focused Design System

ArtVersion focused on curating a design that would help Banner Aviation stand out in its industry.

Before commencing the conceptual stage of the design, ArtVersion utilized contextual best practices to begin the design directions. The team analyzed Banner Aviation’s target demographic, compared competitor research, and studied the Banner Aviation legacy to find ways to make the website its own and align with its established ethos. ArtVersion incorporated large imagery throughout to highlight the details of each plane and jet that was available. The overall website also established a sleek yet simple look and feel to evoke luxury, class, and approachability. The designs weren’t merely aesthetic choices, but also implacably functional, such as microinteractions for calls-to-actions, or large imagery for service pathways.

Interactive and Robust Functionality

On the development side of the spectrum, ArtVersion integrated industry-proven practices to propel website discoverability.

This was also a stakeholder goal for the website to expand its reach and service visibility. ArtVersion included search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research and implementation throughout each webpage of the website, along with relevant keyword optimization in the image alt-tags. These measures were conducted naively which helped with Google rankings. Additionally pre and post-launch, the team conducted analytic research to ensure that these new changes successfully met higher ranking scores. The final design and development of the site were met with a greater conversion and impact.

To further grow discoverability, ArtVersion ensured that the website was further optimized responsively to be universally functional across all devices. This allowed greater conversions especially with most users utilizing their mobile devices to navigate websites. The functionality was optimized for all screen sizes, without sacrificing functionality or conversions. Additionally, the team also designed some print and digital ads that showcased Banner Aviation’s services and expertise.

Color Selections

Color was a vital tool to further emphasize luxury and class—thus colors of blue and gold were used. Not only were these colors a core component of Banner Aviation’s logo, but it also struck a visual story of high class and sophistication. The hues of blue evoked confidence and trust, making it reassuring in luxury branding, whereas gold projects warmth and brilliance, symbolizing the highest quality. When combined, these colors created a visually striking and memorable aesthetic that conveyed opulence and reliability.

Over the Sea
Bold Italic


Arial was the chosen typeface because it's clear, simple, and easy to read on various screens and devices. As a sans-serif font, it has a modern look that avoids unnecessary decorative elements, making it versatile for both texts and headings. Arial's widespread use also means that most users are familiar with it, which can enhance readability and user comfort. Moreover, its compatibility across different operating systems and web browsers ensured that it displayed consistently, helping maintain a seamless user experience on any website.

The Outcome

The result was a website that grew with a significant increase in traffic and a boost in search engine rankings, greatly enhancing its visibility. This improved online presence allowed their clients to jet-set the world, making travel arrangements more accessible and convenient.