A beer bottle with a logo on it of a person meditating.

Custom logo and website design for a local craft brewery.

A green energy wave.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Two people holding beers and smiling.

Growing an Established Consumer Base with Web Design

Bliss Brew a local craft brewery, needed a website presence that would engage craft beer drinkers with a unique logo design and inviting website.

The website was intended to grow brand visibility and expand its demographic. Bliss Brew came to ArtVersion to create a simple yet informative web platform that would best represent their company with a cool, visually interesting design. The team also envisioned the website to be scalable in the future but mainly live as a digital experience that would tell the Bliss Brew story, highlight their evolving selection of craft beers, and detail practical information like operating hours, location, and beverage menus.

ArtVersion developed a website that felt unique to Bliss Brew’s ethos. Although the website leaned into the simple side, the team integrated subtle movement and animations throughout to draw engagement, as well as bold imagery and navigation. Most importantly, the team developed the website to be responsive on mobile resolutions to further open a pathway for user conversions.

A home page design for a local brewing company featuring an image of people holding beer.
A products page design for a local brewery featuring an image of a beer bottle with a logo on it.
An about page design for a brewery featuring an image of two people holding beers.

Logo Refresh

The goal behind the logo redesign would elevate their small brewery company with enterprise-level branding.

As the brewery aimed to expand its market presence by selling its craft beers commercially in select locations as well as within the brewery itself, refreshing the logo became a priority. The ambition was to pivot the brand in a new direction with a logo that felt memorable. An interesting, eye-catching design was essential to stand out in the competitive craft beer market, ensuring the brewery’s visual identity would attract and engage both new and existing customers.

ArtVersion provided Bliss Brew with different design directions for their team to select from and landed on the final design that played off the idea of Zen, enjoyment, and bliss. ArtVersion created a figure meditating at the center, surrounded by interlocking loops, ornamental borders, and mandala patterns. This helped evoke an aesthetic of relaxation and finding joy from savoring beverages with friends, unwinding, or enjoying social outings. The final design captured that aesthetic while positioning Bliss Brew with an elevated and unique brand identity.

A bus stop sign at night with a logo of a person meditating on it.
four different colored versions of the same logo.
A floating beer bottle with a logo of a person meditating.

Color Palette

ArtVersion created a color palette that mirrored the rich hues found in craft beer beverages, embracing earthy tones to reflect themes of nature, Zen, and relaxation. The inclusion of vibrant accents, particularly in yellow, was a strategic choice to ensure the logo's visibility and impact. The selected color scheme was consistently applied across the website design, enhancing brand unity. The integration of these colors across all branding elements reinforced the brand's connection to its core values.

Deep Amber
Earthy Green
Creamy White
Golden Yellow
A green icon of a person meditating.
ACME typography font guide.
Open Sans Bold typography font guide.
Open Sans


Acme was chosen as the primary typeface for its subtle curvature, which imparts a modern and distinctive appearance. Alongside, Open Sans was selected as a supplementary typeface, for ease of readability across the website and in any subtext. The combination balanced aesthetic appeal with functional clarity.

Two different colored beer cans with a logo on them.
three people cheering with beer.
A person pouring a beer from a bar tap.
A beer bottle with a logo on it sitting on a black cube.
Three different colored beer cans with the same logo on each of them.
A person sitting at a table with a beer and smiling.
A six pack of beer with a logo of a person meditating.

Elevating Social Media Engagement

While Bliss Brewery was already present on social media, ArtVersion created modern social media assets that better aligned with the refreshed design language.

The revitalization of their social media presence was geared towards projecting a more relaxed and approachable feel, consistent with the brand’s ethos. The updated social media strategy also helped promote the brewery’s upcoming commercial craft beer launch, effectively using the renewed social media platforms to generate excitement and engagement among potential customers.

An Instagram social media post with an image of a beer on a counter.
A instagram picture of two people drinking beer together.
A Instagram post featuring an image of a person pouring a beer from a tap.

Branding Items and Tangible Designs

To further propel brand awareness and the modern logo design, ArtVersion designed and optimized the logo to be seamlessly translated across marketing items.

This included swag and merch items to be sold at the brewery location that were tastefully designed for consumers to want to wear while creating opportunities for customers to engage with and support the brand in tangible ways.

ArtVersion ensured that the logo designs and files were optimized for vendors to seamlessly transition the digital logo into the array of merch items while preserving its high-quality style.

A green crewneck sweater with a yellow logo on it.
A floating hat with a beer company logo on it.
A tote bag laying down with a logo on it.
Three outside banners of a logo with a person meditating.
Green shorts with a yellow logo on them.
A gift bag with a logo on it and an icon of a person meditating.
A white t-shirt with a logo in the center of it.
A mural on the side of a building with a logo of a person meditating.

The Outcome

Refining the Bliss Brew brand positioning through elevated branding significantly enhanced customer engagement and expanded their demographic reach.

The strategic refinement of their website and logo played a crucial role in this transformation. As a result, the brand witnessed a marked increase in customer interaction and successfully broadened its appeal to a wider demographic, laying a solid foundation for sustained growth and market presence.