Setting Sights on Equitable Opportunities

Now, more than ever, the idea of ‘inclusivity’ and accessibility to opportunities carries a ton of weight. The Caerus Foundation is amongst those providing disadvantaged communities with a fighting chance.

Established in 2001, the Caerus Foundation supports organizations and programs that expand educational opportunities for youth, while preserving a natural world for future generations, in communities struck by poverty, violence, and other social or economic problems. Caerus Foundation collaborates with other funders to share ideas and resources that aim to alleviate these problems and create promising futures for those that need a lift.

Driven by brave and bold ideas that change the world, Caerus Foundation needed a creative ally that could help scale its mission with clarity. It sought a strategic partner with a proven track record in elevating non-profits – and ArtVersion was just that.

Wireframing User Pathways

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wireframes UI UX Design
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Vibrant Interface and Aesthetics

With visions of a more equitable society, Caerus Foundation intended to roll out a re-imagined web design that would shed light on its mission and highlight its five pillars of opportunity – The Arts, Education, The Environment, Global Health and Community Development. Caerus Foundation is selective about the organizations it chooses to support financially, so the web design needed to reflect that.

ArtVersion delivered, accentuating Caerus Foundation’s mission forward by developing a website that offered greater context on the impact of its global ambitions. The web design informed users about the five pillars of opportunity with dedicated pages for each, along with striking imagery that underscored the communities served. Descriptive content detailed Caerus (in Greek mythology, the “god of opportunity”) as a symbol of hope and demonstrated just how far Caerus Foundation’s legacy extended. ArtVersion also set up Caerus Foundation on Google Analytics for a more accurate assessment of site visitors. Overall, the final web design product played on the heartstrings of users while inspiring the next generation of philanthropists to make a difference in underprivileged communities worldwide.

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Responsive Design

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Cultivating A More Inclusive Society

With the refreshed web design complemented by powerful use of imagery, ArtVersion was able to untangle more details about Caerus Foundation’s impact in international territories and bring energy to its global promise. The web design unified Caerus Foundation’s core attributes and articulated its purpose-driven mission, ultimately enabling the group to take a step forward.