Carolyn Finn Interiors

A home page UI for tablet display on a sofa by a plant.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UX design

Website Development for Interior Design Company

Carolyn Finn Interiors—an independently-owned company—offers interior design services to their clients to elevate spaces with tradition and modernity.

Starting a new scaled-down version of their company, the designers at Carolyn Finn needed a website presence to reflect their newest chapter in the interior design space. The team came to ArtVersion for a website that offered a rich user experience while showcasing the portfolio of work and exceptional services provided to their clients. The overall goal of the website was also established with the intent of creating a timeless and contemporary design approach—rich with large, optimized imagery, and more to cater to all audiences.

A person opens the screen of a laptop on the home page of a web design.
A person looks at the photo gallery user interface of a interior design company.
A modern living room masked in an organic shape with text that reads "Interior Design For A More Happy Home.
"A Timeless and Sophisticated Approach" section featuring call to action buttons and a modern living room on a desktop display.
A desktop display screen featuring "What to Expect" and services provided.

Visual Hierarchy and Website Structure

ArtVersion established the website with a scalable and highly customizable CMS platform—WordPress. This allowed the website to evolve with the company.

The website attained plentiful unique features such as slider functionalities that added depth and dynamism to the website’s landing pages. Using a slider also helped visually showcase the interior designs, in a manner reminiscent of a gallery-like and catalog aesthetic. The design and website structure further leaned into a minimalistic design approach allowing the showcased interior spaces to take center stage and capture the visitor's attention without distraction. The website was also optimized and designed for mobile resolutions—ensuring that users could enjoy the Carolyn Finn designs, while also offering a pathway for conversion.

A mobile UI featuring a modern living room space and a call to action button.
"Our Story" UI for mobile resolutions.
An image of a living room and a quote by the CEO of an interior design company.
"Our Work" UX design for mobile resolutions.

Color Selections

Vibrant colors were utilized within the website experience to spark energy and life into the minimalistic design structure. The selection was led by the bright fuchsia, a hue directly inspired by the color story of Carolyn Finn Interiors’ logo. This bold choice was at the centerfold of the site’s color scheme, providing a dynamic contrast to the site’s clean, understated layout. To complement and soften the impact of fuchsia, accent colors were carefully selected. These additional tones were chosen both to enhance the primary color and to introduce a sense of balance, creating a modern and elegant visual experience.


The selection of PT Sans as the website's primary typeface played a pivotal role in defining its elegant aesthetic. Known for its versatility across various formatting styles, PT Sans was utilized in body text, for coherence and visual appeal throughout the site. Abril Fatface typography was also utilized across the website. Its bold curvature offered a unique look but also captured the modern and elegant aesthetic the website was leaning into. Due to its demanding presence, it was purposefully used across headers and impactful statements.

The front side of a business card featuring the client's logo.
A tote bad hung from the wall with the clients logo.

The Outcome

Carolyn Finn Interiors had a digital presence that allowed them to showcase their interior work. The website successfully served its dual purpose: spotlight their portfolio and provide a gateway for conversions and connection with potential clients. The website’s elegant design and user-friendly interface encouraged visitors to engage further with Carolyn Finn Interiors, whether by exploring their portfolio in greater detail or contacting directly to initiate a project. The integration of form and function helped support the firm’s business objectives and growth in the competitive interior design market.