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A packaging design for liquid.

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Spearheading A New Approach To Packaging

CDF redefines the way packaging solutions work for their global reach of customers by embracing a waste reduction approach. Dabbling into a broad spectrum of markets and industries, CDF implements sustainable practices for innovative liquid packaging, and has for the past 50 years. CDF collaborated with ArtVersion for the redesign of their website in order to emphasize their company mission.

packaging design.

The Challenge

With a litany of liquid packaging solutions for a broad spectrum of companies, CDF’s core packaging techniques include drum and pail, Smart Pail®, Bag-in Box, and IBC liners.

The diversity offered by CDF entailed that an easily accessible navigation and sleek UI approach was to be implemented to focus on every morsel of their innovation. A comprehensive, yet simplified mapping of their content was also key to place the company mission at the forefront of their webpage.

Two desktop UI pages.
Home page wireframe concept.
Wireframe page design.
Wireframe page design.
Wireframe page design.
Packaging design.
Desktop UI screen design.
Desktop UI screen design.
Desktop UI screen design.
Desktop UI screen design.
Desktop UI screen design.
team member facility.

ArtVersion’s Visual Storytelling Methodology

CDF reached out to ArtVersion’s team to redesign their website that catered more towards an informative approach on their company mission, rather than a focus on commerce. During the rebrand process, ArtVersion’s designers and strategists created a wireframe and design to work with the content that was provided by CDF. ArtVersion fine-tuned image placement and optimized them for development.

ArtVersion also reworked CDF’s logo by incorporating a new color palette while still paying homage to the green and blue color scheme that CDF’s aesthetic held. The incorporation of iconography was also a part of redevelopment in which graphics and icons were placed onto the website – an obsolete feature on CDF’s prior webpage.

rolls of plastic.

UI/UX Implementation

ArtVersion conducted research on CDF’s original website to study what could be reworked, and how it would still honor CDF’s tonality and environmental sustainability practices. Because the company mission was a specific central point during the development process, this research on ArtVersion’s end was vital, and CDF’s story was a cornerstone in developing the pathways for UI design to follow suit.

CDF trusted ArtVersion to create a modern and clean design to reflect on their clean Earth stance and carbon footprint elimination. Designers worked to create different iterations of designs that resulted in the selection of one that attained curves to connect with CDF’s logo—mirroring their liquid packaging tactics.

UI/UX Mobile Resolutions

Mobile UI screen design.
Mobile UI screen design.
Mobile UI screen design.
multiple mobile UI screen designs.

Custom Iconography

custom iconography.
custom icons isometric design.


Logo design.
Color palette guide.
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