Bold Vision

Envisioning a bold future for high-quality and sustainable ingredients, the Canadian company CometBio developed ground-breaking technology that transforms the way ingredients are made today. In pursuit of this initiative, Comet Bio contacted ArtVersion to craft a website with a professional yet approachable look and feel. Showcasing their innovative approach through customized messaging and graphic elements, the new site served as the foundation for their bio-processing solutions.

Scope of work included

Sustainable Transformation

CometBio’s vision for the web design was to demonstrate the value of their techniques and conversion technologies, solidifying their expertise within the food and beverage manufacturing industry. The ArtVersion team set their focus on portraying CometBio’s cutting-edge processes in upcycling crop leftovers to create healthy and sustainable ingredients and elevating their visionary technology.

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The Process

To visually represent the CometBio approach to upcycling, ArtVersion thoughtfully designed infographics that outlined each step of the process and incorporated them throughout the interface design. With informative graphics within the website design to complement their visionary agricultural systems, CometBio was fully equipped to deliver high quality and sustainable ingredients to market.

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