Illinois Gaming Board

A mobile device showing an annual report for a government agency that regulates gaming activities.

Contemporary design merges with professionalism for a government agency annual report.

Cover design of annual report design for a government agency that regulates gaming activities.

Enhancing Engagement with a Dual-Format Annual Report

The Illinois Gaming Board is a state regulatory and law enforcement agency that regulates all tiers of casino gambling, video games, and sports wagering in Illinois. The agency selected ArtVersion to be their creative partner to design their annual reports. The report designs were to be made for both print and digital mediums, and structured properly to rank in reader engagement. The reports were rich with financial data, accomplishment spotlights, and more, and ArtVersion curated reports that were visually stimulating, but highly practical.

Custom Design 

To initiate the conceptual and contextual phases of the project, ArtVersion conducted thorough research to determine the most effective design strategy.

This process involved examining the Illinois Gaming Board’s established authority and understanding the design practices of other governmental agencies. Based on this research, ArtVersion developed three distinct design directions, tethered by an overarching theme of modern professionalism.

In the final report, ArtVersion’s graphic design team integrated custom infographics that used universal and contextual symbols to enhance the presentation of the content. Additionally, the report featured strategically placed callout boxes to highlight key data, and charts and visuals to aid in data visualization and to intersperse the text, making the information easy on the reader’s eye.

The design of the report combined a professional appearance with modern elements. ArtVersion chose imagery relevant to the report’s findings and enhanced it with a blue overlay to add a contemporary touch. The design was optimized for both print and digital formats, resulting in a distinctive and authoritative presentation that was custom-tailored to the Illinois Gaming Board.

Optimized for Digital Experiences

With the print report prepared and optimized for printing—complete with accurate die lines and dimensions—the next phase focused on creating a digital version.


The digital rendition was designed for easy access and navigation in the digital space. It was tailored for optimal accessibility and usability across various devices and made available for digital download. From a user-centric perspective, ArtVersion enhanced the digital report with dynamic elements and subtle microinteractions. These features added depth and increased user engagement, providing a refreshing update to a familiar design. The digital content became more interactive and appealing to readers and hosted on the Illinois Gaming Board’s official government website, for access to the public.

Infographic design shown on a tablet screen.
Mobile devices displaying infographics of an annual report.


Inter was an excellent typography choice for the annual report because of its clean lines, contemporary design, and flexibility. Its well-defined characters ensured easy readability, while its modern and approachable style made it suitable for presenting complex information in a digestible format. Inter's extensive range of weights and styles allowed for varied and engaging layouts, making the report visually appealing while maintaining a consistent and professional look.

Final Outcome

The annual report design provided the Illinois Gaming Board with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic, enhancing their ability to communicate findings and data in a visually engaging manner. The new design made the information more accessible and more appealing to their audience, effectively conveying the board's key messages in an innovative format.