ChekMarc came to ArtVersion with a unique vision: a social networking platform that unites humanity through impactful connections. The goal was to build a powerful digital community that gives people the ability to succeed by receiving the right guidance to achieve their personal goals. They had the idea — all that was needed was the creativity to bring it to life.

Scope of work included

Research and Discovery

The end goal being in sight, ChekMarc worked closely with ArtVersion to strategize the appropriate execution. In order to get it right, the ArtVersion team went through a process of research and discovery to learn more about the various user groups and performed a thorough persona analysis. This resulted in defining of two specific user user groups: Explorers and Catalysts. Further collaborations established that the Explorers would be those users who used the platform to seek out advice from experts; Catalysts would be the experts giving the advice. The great thing about the platform is that one user could play both roles in different scenarios — they could seek advice on running a marathon while also lending their advice to another Explorer on getting an internship.

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UI/UX Strategy

With a clear understanding of the separate user groups, the next step was to focus on how the interface could achieve the overall goal of the platform. To do this, the ArtVersion team strategized the user pathways and journeys from Sign Up to Login, Explorer Requests to Catalyst Responses, all the way to final Success Stories. Two distinct user journeys were mapped for the separate personas, while also weaving together seamlessly to create a united digital community.

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The Result

Bringing this exceptional vision to life required a combination of collaboration, creativity, and technical strategy. The three concepts were smoothly integrated throughout the design process, resulting in one cohesive digital community comprised of Explorers and Catalysts. Bolstering the platform with promotional video collateral, ArtVersion set up ChekMarc’s initiative for longterm success.