Drivemaster Golf

Golf Reimagined

A golf ball featuring the client's logo.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral
UX Design
Web Design

Custom Design System for an Emerging Brand

Drivemaster Golf—an up-and-coming indoor golf company, needed a creative agency to help establish its overall brand identity and design system. The emerging recreational golf company wanted to establish its branding across channels to solidify its market presence and stand out in the industry. ArtVersion worked with their team to create a custom and accessible look and feel that would engage their demographic, but also offer a new take on conventional branding to grow visual engagement and conversions. ArtVersion's strategy centered on vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and intuitive layouts. 

A logo for an indoor gold company on a photo of a golf course.

Logo Design

Building a company logo is a fundamental step for brand identity, as it becomes the recognizable identifier. ArtVersion designed varied conceptual iterations for the Drivemaster Golf team to mull over, and ultimately selected the logo design that intersected a modern feel with retro influences— setting a definitive direction for the brand's visual identity.

The logo variations were also designed to be translated seamlessly across materials such as scorecards, merch, marketing collateral, and social media assets. The design cleverly incorporated golf-related imagery without being too overt, such as cups and pins, immediately communicating the brand’s focus to viewers, while the use of Buinton typography added a vintage charm. Additionally, a simplified logo variant featuring a stylized ‘D’ intertwined with a golf pin was developed, further solidifying the brand's unique identity.

4 colored squares showcasing different versions of indoor golf logos.
Golf poster panels.
A golf score card design.
Two mobile Instagram story screens for a golf brand.
A Facebook page for an indoor golf company.
A UI screen that reads "Elevate Your Golf Experience" showing a person striking a golf ball.
An Apple Watch golf interface.
A hand holding a golf ball on the golf course.
A golf polo shirt displaying a monogram logo design.
A tablet showcasing a color palette spread of a brand identity book.
The font Brandon Grotesque in a medium weight.
Brandon Grotesque
The font Brandon Grotesque in a bold weight.
Brandon Grotesque


Typography was key in capturing the contemporary-vintage aesthetic central to the branding and choosing typefaces proved critical for the design language. For prominent elements like headers and the logo, the Buinton typeface was chosen for its athletic vibe, reminiscent of letterman jackets, adding a touch of nostalgia. For broader application across the website and marketing materials, Brandon typeface was incorporated for its compatibility with Buinton, enhancing visual engagement while prioritizing readability. Its clarity and versatility made it suitable for various text sizes and contexts, from body text to micro-copy.

Color Selections

The color palette was curated to tie into the retro-like feel, with a modern twist. Meadow Green was selected to resonate and symbolize the greenery of golfing lawns, and although Drivemaster offers an indoor golfing experience, it was a nod to the class sport. Fairway Orange added a vibrant contrast, that brought warmth to the palette. Navy Blue worked perfectly as well to compliment the green and orange hues, while Ivory Mist provided a neutral, calming background that could be used effectively for typography or as a secondary accent.

Meadow Green
Fairway Orange
Navy Blue
Ivory Mist
Marketing campaign tiles for an indoor golf brand.
A laptop screen showcasing a ui ux design for an indoor golf company.

Web and UI/UX Design

To establish Drivemaster Golf’s online presence, ArtVersion crafted a digital platform infused with the brand’s new design language. This website featured a user-friendly interface with rounded edges, a newly incorporated design treatment to their digital UI kit. The site’s backend was also optimized for speed, incorporating interactive features and intuitive navigation to enhance a user-centric experience.

The website was structured to guide users through Drivemaster Golf’s innovative offerings, showcasing various golf session calls to action, detailing pricing, and facilitating easy bookings. A streamlined pop-out menu in the navigation bar further simplified the user journey, maintaining a seamless interaction flow. The website’s objective was successfully met as it captured user interest, boosting engagement, attracting new customers, and driving conversions.

4 graphic design tiles squares showcasing design elements from a golf logo.
A golf ball featuring the client's logo.
An instagram grid layout design for an indoor golf company.

The Result

The result of the newly established brand system was a fun, yet professional identity that captured the growing company’s positioning. The designs evoked the tone that Drivemaster Golf was seeking, and ArtVersion was able to help bring that vision to life. The designs also offered a new perspective on the classic sport and intrigued interested golfers with experience and a hole-in-one design.