Collaborative For Children

A kid smiles with client logo on t-shirt.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
Graphic design
Marketing collateral

Custom Collateral for Educational Organization

Furthering their reach, Collaborative for Children was seeking to create new marketing collateral that spotlighted their pedagogy, impact, and Centers of Excellence programs. As an organization that provides innovative learning opportunities for young children, the collateral materials were essential for their marketing initiatives.

Visual and Content Hierarchy Structure

Throughout the design process, ArtVersion made sure that the layout was structured with the precise die-line specifications for printing, while also selecting design elements that would translate well to print.

The design language of the brochure incorporated Collaborative for Children’s established branding that introduced playful graphic elements such as fluid wave elements and a bright color scheme. Coordinating with these visual elements also included large headers to offer a clear separation of the text information and visual breaks along with custom icon design. Image optimization was crucial as well, to showcase the authentic imagery.

The content, supplied by Collaborative for Children, underwent a diligent structuring process by ArtVersion’s content strategy team. They prioritized creating a visual hierarchy to guide the reader’s journey, focusing on storytelling flow, readability, and a cohesive overall feel. Leading with this approach made the information more accessible and more engaging. After finalizing the English version of the trifold, the team took special care to certify that the Spanish translation emulated the English version’s composition to maintain the same organizational integrity.

Front and inner portion of trifold brochure.
Inner portion od trifold brochure.
The front and back of the Centers of Excellence trifold brochure.
Children playing with a colored flag outdoors
A sign at a bus stop with the client's logo and a small child.

Brand-Focused Trifold Brochure Design

At the outset of the project, ArtVersion initiated the creative process by presenting a range of design directions for the trifold brochure—backed by industry research and consideration of the organization’s established legacy.

The team conceptually and contextually designed the directions to align with Collaborative for Children’s organizational standards and business objectives. Additionally, the iterations offered their team the opportunity to choose the design that most closely resonated with their vision. Once selected, ArtVersion delved deeper into the design process, ensuring the brochure’s design captured its intended message and purpose.

The overarching goal behind the trifold was to describe their services to parents, guardians, and educators as a call to action. The trifold had two essential objectives in addition to creating a readable, innovative brochure design and layout. Firstly, the brochure needed to be suitable for print, with high-quality physical copies. Secondly, it was imperative to provide translations in both English and Spanish, making the information accessible to a broader audience.

The clients logo appears on a stack of blue business cards.
Business cards in an alternating layout.
Pins with the clients logo on them and Center of Excellence badge.
A smiling child draws at a table.
A child smiles on an orange background.
The client's logo appears in color and in white on stickers.
Kid smiles for camera on a purple background.
Kid points at camera smiling on a blue background.

Color Selections

Intersecting readability and an inviting feel was a priority for the trifold, therefore the color selection needed to be carefully optimized. Pulling colors inspired by the organization’s brand standards, ArtVersion coalesced primary and secondary colors to work cohesively within the brochure.

The selection of blue, teal, and kiwi colors was intentionally chosen to evoke a playful feel, aligning with the organization's focus on children’s education. The colors reimagined their brand colors in a new way that felt authentic to Collaborative for Children’s brand identity.

Sky Blue
Mystic Purple
Sunset Blaze
Dreamy Azure


Montserrat was a highly suitable typography choice for the brochure due to its readability, friendly appearance, and versatility. Its clear, distinct letter shapes enhanced visibility while its warm and inviting appearance was picked to engage potential parents/guardians. Montserrat's variety of weights and styles offered ample flexibility for creative design.

A sticky note with a light bulb and a paper with the clients logo both attached to a board with thumbtacks.

The Result

The brochure design successfully met Collaborative for Children’s vision and business objectives. With tangible materials to share their organization’s mission and learning sectors, they were able to have a presence across various platforms that were cohesive with their other channels in a modernized, refreshed way.