Financial Marketing Pros

Grid layout of multiple mobile screens displaying a white paper report.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral

Custom Collateral

Financial Marketing Pros, a marketing agency for financial advisors and companies, was ready to modernize its collateral. Beginning with its white paper designs, their team came to ArtVersion for a modernized but brand-specific design. The framework of each white paper design was a central part of the collaboration, yet information architecture and readability were also highly prioritized. ArtVersion’s graphic design team developed a design language that elevated Financial Marketing Pros’ company memorability and expertise with the information presented.

A tablet digital device displaying a white paper publication of a financial marketing company.

Brand-centric Design Language

To commence the conceptual stage, ArtVersion shared three different design directions that offered the financial team an elevated look and feel. Each iteration was unique but remained brand-specific. The final design direction that was selected incorporated an authoritative, yet professional look and feel. ArtVersion implemented sharp, geometric shapes and lines in white paper designs to encapsulate a cutting-edge feel.

The design process also included curating custom graphic design elements such as infographic visuals to highlight the information statistics and call-out elements to highlight essential details. The white paper reports delved into tax traps and best practices, therefore breaking up the larger content sections with visually engaging graphic elements was important to retain the reader’s attention. In tandem, ArtVersion’s designers also conducted image curation and assessment to find the best photography that encapsulated the content and messaging. These photos were further optimized with gradient overlays to match the design language and optimized for high-quality resolution.

Grid layout of white paper cover designs for a financial company.
A grid layout of leaflet flyer design for a financial marketing company.
A white paper cover design for a financial marketing company.
A zoomed in white paper publication design for a financial marketing company.
A white paper publication design for a financial marketing company.
A zoomed in white paper design publication for a financial marketing company.
Zoomed in view of stationary design for a financial marketing company.

Information and Visual Hierarchy

Throughout the design process, ArtVersion utilized best practices for the information architecture of the white paper layout. Contextually, the messaging and visuals had to align with the overarching story of the design. ArtVersion examined the content to ensure that critical elements were properly emphasized. They achieved this by focusing on adequate contrast for readability, strategic placement, and alignment, appropriate proximity and use of white space, focal points for key information, and consistent repetition of styles across each page to maintain cohesion and enhance information flow.

A white paper design on tablet screen side by side with flat design on an orange background.
A white paper report showcasing graphic design page spread.
A white paper report design zoomed in on a page showcasing designs.
A white paper design on tablet UI screen side by side with flat design on an dark blue background.
Poppins font in regular weight.
Poppins font in italics regular weight.
Poppins font in regular semibold weight.
Poppins font in black weight.


The selection of Poppins typeface for the design was an intensional decision that was heavily influenced by the need to align with Financial Marketing Pro’s established brand standards. The choice was particularly effective for the layout of a white paper; Poppins was versatile for large headers due to its bold and crisp appearance, which captured the reader's attention. Simultaneously, it maintains clear readability in the body text. This dual-purpose utility of Poppins made it an optimal choice for diverse communication needs.

Color Selections

The colors were another design component that was utilized from the company’s design standards. Known for their blue and orange color story, ArtVersion incorporated these colors into the white paper but introduced new shades with a similar style such as introducing periwinkle and softer blues for new depth and dimension. 

Light Periwinkle
An open spread of a white paper report design for a financial marketing company.

From Print to Digital

The white paper designs were also optimized and styled for digital platforms, creating a new pathway for digital that opened an effective channel for information sharing. This allowed the Financial Marketing Pros team to easily share their expertise, significantly boosting their visibility and appeal to potential clients. Moreover, this digital-forward approach enhanced the overall user experience, ensuring that content was reachable and relevant to today’s digital-forward audience.

An open report publication showcasing report layout.

The Result

The newly designed white paper elevated Financial Marketing Pros’ presence in the industry. By embracing a clean, modern aesthetic and optimizing for digital platforms, the company was able to efficiently communicate its expertise and innovation. As a result, the company's reputation grew, leading to increased trust among clients. This elevated presence positioned the company as a trusted resource in the field, making it a reliable and authoritative force that clients could confidently rely on for informed insights and strategic guidance.

Two mobile screens showcasing a digital white paper report.