Create Legal

A legal company-branded cardboard box with patterned tape on it.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral
UX Design
Web Design

Experiential Website Redesign 

Create Legal, a law firm for creatives, reconnected with ArtVersion for a website refresh. The website was redesigned to better showcase their legal advisory services, but also engage their demographic with a vibrant, lively design language. After rebranding internally, the Create Legal team was ready to showcase that branding to their potential clients in a more robust user experience.

A home page UX design on a laptop for a creative legal firm.

User-Centric Design

The new Create Legal design refresh that their internal stakeholders reimagined leaned heavily into a vibrant color palette and energetic website tonality. Their team provides unique legal advice for creatives; therefore, an inviting design language took precedence over a more serious, sleek look and feel. The color palette played a significant role in the website development and based on the color hues that were provided, ArtVersion coordinated the placement and hierarchy of the colors. ArtVersion also introduced a visual juxtaposition between sharp edges and rounded elements throughout the website. The dichotomy of these shapes helped to evoke visual interest and balance throughout the website’s navigation, aesthetic, and overall experience.

Two UX screen designs for a creative law firm website.
A meet the founder website UX design page layout.
Two women pinning creative ideas up on a board.

Backend Functionality

With the design in place, ArtVersion incorporated different development features that would help bring it from static to dynamic. The team incorporated interactive hover elements throughout to highlight the law firm’s services. Additionally, on the homepage, there was an incorporation of animations and rotating movement for added depth. Through custom coding, CSS, and JavaScript implementation engaging movement, style, and positioning of these features were successfully added.

An array of icon stickers on the back of a laptop.
A UX screen for a creative law firm displaying the offerings of services.
An orange flower-shaped icon with the letter "A" inside.
A red flower-shaped icon with the letter "A" inside.
A blue flower-shaped icon with the letter "A" inside.
A purple flower-shaped icon with the letter "A" inside.


The selection of Jost typography for the website was an ideal fit, enhancing its modern aesthetic. With its diverse formatting options, Jost effectively complemented different textual elements of the website, including headers, eyebrow text, and body copy, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing hierarchy.

Color Selections

Although the Create Legal team provided a rich palette of colors that they wanted to be incorporated into the refresh, ArtVersion coordinated the color placement throughout in a way that would enliven the website without the colors clashing. Adhering to the brand standards was something that the ArtVersion team carefully aligned with and found new ways to create interesting visuals with color while respecting the new brand direction that the Create Legal team developed internally.

Cherry Red
Candied Orange
Bright Blue
Deep Green

Seamless Across Devices

Given that over 60% of users prefer accessing websites via mobile devices rather than desktops, the website needed to offer seamless functionality across all devices. This encompassed ensuring smooth navigation for mobile menus, proper functioning of animations and movement, maintaining a consistent hierarchy across various screen resolutions, and addressing additional mobile-specific considerations. By ensuring availability across devices, the website enhanced user experience and unlocked new opportunities for conversions and expanded audience reach.

A UX mobile screen design displaying the various services offered by a creative law firm.

Elevating Overall Usability

The hierarchy of the website was a key factor in the design and development of the overall website. With a design language rich with visuals and color, the information and content needed to remain dominant to carry out proper messaging and positioning for clients. ArtVersion implemented contextual and conceptual best practices throughout each iterative stage of the project lifecycle to properly showcase information for services and strategies. The visual hierarchy also relied on the color blocking of the website. The balance between visuals and information was successfully achieved and resulted in a website identity that felt brand-specific to Create Legal’s business objectives.  

To complement the website’s front-end design, ArtVersion integrated search engine optimization (SEO) best practices into the development process, creating a strong and effective framework. The integration involved optimizing site architecture, enhancing metadata, improving content relevance, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. 

These SEO enhancements helped boost the website’s visibility in search engine results, making it easier for users to discover the site. By focusing on SEO, ArtVersion helped ensure that the website not only attracted more visitors but also reached the intended target demographic effectively, thus increasing engagement and potential conversions.

SEO and Analytics Optomization

A poster display advertising the services of a creative law firm.
Two UX screen designs for a creative law firm website.
A UX mobile screen displaying a "meet the founder" website page.

The Result

The website refresh enhanced Create Legal’s market presence by introducing a more modern and brand-centric positioning within the industry. Alongside aesthetic improvements, the infrastructure and backend were upgraded to support future scalability and growth. Additionally, the refresh prioritized maintaining an accessible and user-friendly UI/UX, ensuring that all users, regardless of their technical proficiency, could easily navigate and interact with the website. The combination of backend functionality and front-end usability strengthened the website’s readiness to meet future business needs while providing a seamless user experience.

A square street sign displaying the logo design for a creative law firm.