Savor Organic Goodness.

A sign advertisement for a salad company with digital illustrations of vegetables coming out of a bowl.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral
UX Design
Web Design

Custom Design System for an Emerging Brand

For the salad bar chain Harvest, ArtVersion embarked on a comprehensive brand development journey, crafting everything from the logo to a full suite of branding materials. This endeavor was aimed at encapsulating Harvest's commitment to fresh, healthy, and sustainably sourced ingredients through a visually appealing and memorable brand identity.

A wordmark logo for an organic salad company on top of green kale.

Logo Design

The logo design process began with a deep dive into Harvest's core values and the essence of what they stand for. ArtVersion conceptualized a logo that reflects the freshness and natural quality of Harvest's offerings. The final design combined earthy tones with a clean, modern typeface, complemented by a graphic element that evokes the richness of freshly harvested produce. This logo not only serves as the cornerstone of Harvest's visual identity but also communicates the brand's dedication to providing nutritious, farm-to-table options.

A zoomed in image of a wordmark logo, with a grid system applied tt showcase the technicalities of its creation.
A to-go bag design for an organic salad company.
A grid layout of various digitally design vegetables in different shapes and colors.
A sign advertisement for a salad company with digital illustrations of vegetables coming out of a bowl.
A round to-go container salad with a label on top showcasing the type of salad.
A business card with a salad logo on it next to a fork on a cutting board.
The top view of multiple salads next to each other filled with colorful vegetables.

Complete Brand Development

Beyond the logo, ArtVersion developed a comprehensive brand identity that extends across all touchpoints. This included the creation of color palettes that resonate with the vibrancy and variety of Harvest's salad offerings, as well as typography that speaks to the brand's approachable yet sophisticated ethos. The agency also designed packaging, in-store signage, and marketing collateral that reinforce the brand's commitment to sustainability and wellness.

To ensure consistency across digital platforms, ArtVersion created a user-friendly website and social media assets that align with the physical branding, providing a seamless brand experience whether customers interact with Harvest online or in-person. This holistic approach to brand development ensures that every aspect of Harvest's identity - from the logo to the website, packaging, and beyond - works harmoniously to convey a clear and compelling message about the chain's values and offerings.

An outdoor A-frame sign advertising organic salads.
A UI screen showcasing an order screen for a salad company.
A typography grid layout showcasing the Rebound Grotesque font.


The selection of Rebound Grotesque for Harvest's branding reflects a modern yet approachable vibe, perfectly mirroring the brand's fresh and inviting ethos.

Color Selections

Harvest's color palette combines earthy greens, purple cabbage, red onion and vibrant orange tones of carrot and squash, evoking the freshness of its ingredients and the energy of a healthy lifestyle. This careful selection enhances the brand's connection with nature and vitality, resonating deeply with its health-conscious audience.
Red Onion
A green apron with a salad company logo on the front of it.

Social Media Campaign

Pivotal for amplifying the brand's digital presence and engaging directly with its health-conscious audience, this campaign leveraged vibrant visuals and messaging consistent with the brand's identity, showcasing the freshness and diversity of Harvest's salad options. Each post was designed to reflect the chain's commitment to sustainability and wellness, incorporating user-generated content, seasonal promotions, and educational snippets about the benefits of a healthy diet. This strategic approach not only increased Harvest's visibility on various social media platforms but also fostered a community of loyal customers, encouraging interaction and feedback. Through this campaign, ArtVersion effectively translated Harvest's brand values into a digital format, driving engagement and reinforcing the brand's position in the market.

Design concepts for three instagram posts for an organic salad company account.

Web and UI/UX Design

For Harvest’s web design and UI/UX design of the ordering platform, ArtVersion took a customer-centric approach to create an intuitive and seamless online ordering experience. Understanding that ease of use and speed are paramount for users looking to order healthy meals on the go, the team focused on designing a clean, straightforward interface that highlights Harvest’s diverse menu options and customization features.

The website features high-quality images of the salad bar’s offerings, enticing users while accurately representing the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The ordering process was streamlined to minimize clicks, guiding users effortlessly from menu browsing to checkout. This included clear categorization of menu items, easy-to-use filters for dietary preferences, and an interactive salad builder that allows customers to customize their meals according to their taste and nutritional needs.

A home page UI screen for an organic salad company.

ArtVersion also prioritized mobile responsiveness, acknowledging the growing trend of orders placed from smartphones and tablets. The responsive design ensures that the website and ordering platform offer a consistent experience across all devices, with touch-friendly navigation and fast load times.

To further enhance the UI/UX, the platform incorporates features such as saved favorite orders for quick reordering, location-based services to identify the nearest Harvest outlet, and integrated customer reviews to build trust and community. Behind the scenes, a focus on secure payment gateways and data protection reassures customers, making the ordering process not only convenient but also safe.

By marrying aesthetic appeal with functional design, ArtVersion delivered a web and UI/UX design that not only aligns with Harvest's brand identity but also elevates the customer's online ordering experience. This approach ensures that users can easily access and enjoy Harvest's healthy offerings, fostering loyalty and driving sales.

A wordmark logo for an organic salad company on top of vegetables.
An array of business cards for an organic salad company.
Marketing collateral of outdoor poster design for retail company.

The Result

The collaboration between Harvest and ArtVersion resulted in a dynamic and cohesive brand identity that effectively communicates the salad bar chain's mission and appeals to health-conscious consumers. Through strategic design and thoughtful development, ArtVersion helped Harvest establish a strong market presence, setting the foundation for the brand's growth and success in the competitive food industry.