An east-coast style of home with a wrap-around white front porch.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design

eBook Design

DaVinci Roofscapes, a roofing and exterior supply company for homeowners, architects, contractors, and more, wanted to encapsulate their years of expertise in a documented eBook. ArtVersion helped develop this initiative for external client-facing collateral and internal documentation, with a contemporary and future-forward design and framework approach that captured DaVinci’s expertise.

A laptop screen on a rock showcasing a powerpoint deck for a roofing company.
An iphone screen showcasing a powerpoint deck for a roofing company.
A catalog for color selection for a roofing company.
A blue front porch of a home with furniture outside.
A laptop screen showcasing a powerpoint deck for a roofing company.

Brand-focused Design Language

When the conceptual stage of the design process began, ArtVersion ensured that the design systems for each design direction encapsulated a feel of sophistication, elegance, and contemporary design, as this was the established tonality of the company. The purpose of the eBooks was to showcase their best practices and expertise when it comes to selecting exterior design materials—roofing styles or paint colors, to best fit each home style. A design that was rich with circular motifs was selected which helped embody a visually engaging aesthetic. From there, ArtVersion strategized data and information implementation to be cohesive to tell the complete eBook story—narratively and visually. The team worked closely with DaVinci’s stakeholders to ensure precise information and data integration of every roofing style and color swatch that they wanted to showcase within the design. In tandem, ArtVersion curated image integration and optimization to align with the overall theme.



Poppins was utilized as the typeface across the eBook for both its elegance and readability. With its modern geometric shapes, balanced proportions, and wide-open style it was a perfect fit to showcase the information. Its range of weights added adaptability, allowing it to suit all contexts. The slightly rounded corners of the typeface also emphasized a friendly yet professional appearance, making it ideal for the eBook.

Color Selections

The color story of the eBook was intentionally kept neutral, both in the backdrop and the accents, to ensure that each color swatch—whether representing a roof or paint—stood out without losing its hue and impact against the design. Therefore, neutral, light tan and earthy green colors were purposefully utilized throughout the design to enhance the visual impact and maintain aesthetic consistency.

Deep Green

Visual and Narrative Alignment 

The overall design was precisely crafted, combining visual elements with an informative narrative to vividly bring DaVinci’s expertise to life. The overall design aligned seamlessly with the provided messaging, enhancing both the visual hierarchy and the information architecture for clear and impactful communication. It was also optimized for both print and digital mediums, ensuring a flawless presentation across all platforms.

The Outcome

With the new design implementation, the eBook attained a visual presentation that matched the high-quality information it contained. The alignment between the design and content enhanced the overall user experience. This strategic alignment enriched reader engagement and reinforced the eBook’s credibility and professional appeal.

A landing page for a home renovation company's website.