In pursuit of simplification and time management, users are constantly searching for platforms that allow ease-of-use in information intake and delivery. This visual interface and voice-controlled solution provide a clear user experience that does not interfere with your daily life routine.

Optimized Communications

Featuring verbal messaging, communication and voice controlled user experience, its efficiency in handling banking requests for the end user provides on-demand information in a more enlightened and intuitive way. A modern approach aligns with current generational trends and anticipates advances in computing to embrace voice automation processes and technologies to be readily available and embraced by a wide audience.

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Lifestyle Brand & Experience Design

Design and contextual optimization heightens the already user friendly interface with a clean, minimal approach to become a destination for your common banking journey. The proposed solution would positively reflect on the current Deutsche Bank brand and its existing initiatives – accommodated through innovative design and embraced throughout the technologies by delivering an elegant but controlled experience reflecting innovation and trust. Leveraging leading technologies of business and industry – Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and big data, this AI initiative would provide a solid foundation for the long term solution with its modular expandable approach.

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Big Data

The data queries and user activities can be used securely toward internal analysis for further optimization and user journeys. Near field communications, proximity localization, push notifications, announcements and important messaging offer a high level of services to the targeted user. Specific notifications can be programmed within settings by users to accommodate in home, in office and in car notifications. Those can be as simple as notifying the customer about successful transactions, stock market oscillations and/or user specific data requests. Additionally, this system provides an intelligent solution to visually impaired users as well as a secure intuitive mobile application to serve a wide audience.