Offering a wide range of services aimed at improving health and quality of life, top-rated Rush University Medical System Health and Aging understands the importance of communication, compassion and patients’ involvement in their own care. With a board and stakeholders requiring accountability and up to date stats, annual reporting is a necessity.

Content Strategy

Assessment and development of content to focus on heightened engagement of the targeted audience to promote calls to action, conversion and drive profitable behaviors.

annual report design
annual report design

Visual Storytelling

A blend of visual narrative using lifestyle imagery and infographics serve the dual purpose of informing and sparking emotional cues.


The creative design took an optimistic approach to discussions around the issues at hand with regard to aging and caregiving and how Rush has optimized their services. With three design directions provided, the styling of the report included infographic implementation, a unique color scheme, typographic selection and chart design consistency. With a clean, modern look, placing a greater emphasis on imagery and the data visualization, the vision and mission of Rush’s Health and Aging initiative becomes more visible.


Providers, patients and stakeholders demand consistency of both visual and contextual elements to express trust, with new elements to spark engagement. Utilizing Rush’s brand voice and tonality, ArtVersion provided creative and art direction leading to the development and implementation of a fresh look and feel for the annual report and financial data report templates.

The Result

Setting new standards and branded elements for all future collateral and print communications, the newly refreshed perspective provides standardization of design elements. Intuitively designed content, data visualization and targeted calls to action engage the reader, resulting in heightened awareness and organization involvement.

ArtVersion curated statistics that both visually and contextually represent the future of meeting spaces and were developed for both print and digital distributions to educate the user about the innovation of meeting spaces.