A UI design home screen on a tablet device.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UX design

Custom Branding Concepts

Digital Shadows, a cyber security company specializing in digital risk protection and threat intelligence, sought brand ecosystem design concepts for their brand.

ArtVersion worked with the digital security team to create a cutting-edge and futuristic look and feel to align with the company’s future-forward promise for a safer digital realm. ArtVersion’s graphic design team curated branding concepts across all channels of visual communications such as web, print collateral, social, and more.

Clients logo in white.
The client's logo in white on a green background.
The client's logo in white on an orange background.
The client's logo in white on a purple background.
A person with eyes closed framed on a orange wall.
The clients logo appears on the right side of a tshirt.
Two USB flash drives in branded colors.
A web design UI screen featuring prominent header and graphic in brand colors.
Graphic design layouts on a web design screen.
"Which Solution is Right For You" web design screen.
Shadow Search graphic on a web design screen.
"Digital Risk Protection" UI screen with custom iconography.
A UI screen featuring the clients logo on an organic circular orb with gradients.
A UI screen featuring content in black on a gradient shape.

Cutting-Edge Graphic Design

The visual narrative of the design language was rich with abstract graphic elements that encapsulated a 'futuristic' aesthetic.

It presented a compelling dichotomy of sharply defined geometric forms and softer, curved contours. Together, these design elements created a cohesive yet visually stimulating story. The incorporation of a rounded motif, crafted from incisive lines and nodes, symbolized 'networks'—evoking Digital Shadows’ mission of protecting networks against digital threats.

Responsive Design

A mobile home screen UI design.
A mobile web design featuring bar graph data and content.
A UX/UI screen with custom iconography.
A UX/UI web design take over navigation menu.
A UI screen that says "The Critical Need for Digital Risk Protection.
A "Get Started" UI screen.

Color Selections

The color palette chosen for the design language was deliberately selected to introduce vibrant pops of color, creating a striking contrast against the website's darker backgrounds. Each hue was carefully evaluated to ensure ADA compliance and adherence to accessibility standards. The use of neon and bright colors was intentionally employed to enhance the contemporary aesthetic that the Digital Shadows team wanted to represent.


The typography selection was a combination of typefaces that offered a modern aesthetic. Open Sans (light, bold, and regular) and Bebas Neue were chosen for their readability, versatility across channels, clean line scalability, and availability. Together, both fonts achieved a balanced hierarchy that enhanced the user experience and communicated a modern and technological aesthetic.

"A Practical Guide to Reducing Digital Risk" design.
A spread showing the chapter for the report.
A spread featuring a percentage statistic, title, and content.
"Where Security Meets Innovation" spread of the report.
A quote spread featuring content for context.

Visual Communications

To create a fully cohesive brand identity, ArtVersion designed marketing collateral to showcase how the updated branding concepts would translate across other mediums. Presentation and internal communication materials were designed strategically using visual elements and color schemes aligned with the proposed website design.

Three design covers on a white background.
A cohesive set of stationery designs.

Stationery Collateral 

The stationery and business cards were carefully designed to maintain contextual relevance and coherence. Adopting a minimalist style, the stationery emphasized readability through the use of simple geometric forms and a monochromatic color scheme.

A Cohesive Concept

The overall branding concept was tied together across all platforms creating a contemporary look and feel, while uniquely aligning with the Digital Shadows brand. The concepts allowed for visual interest and authority for the digital security company.