An abstract human figure in a frame on a pedestal.

Project Disciplines

Design Research
Brand Design Strategy
Graphic design
A person walkings through a gallery of fine art.

Crafting Sophistication: ArtVersion's Visual Revitalization for Marlowe Fine Art

ArtVersion was engaged by Marlowe Fine Art, a distinguished name in the art world, to craft marketing collateral, and service-offering brochures, by refining the brand's design language.

The collaboration encapsulated the sophistication and elegance that Marlowe Fine Art stands for, aiming to convey its unique position in the fine arts industry through purposefully chosen design elements.

A subtle yet powerful color scheme underscored the gallery’s commitment to purity in the fine arts, setting a tone that is both inviting and authoritative while ensuring that every piece of visual communication reflected the high standards.

A catalogie fornt and back cover and table of contents spread.
A table of contents spread up close.
A note pad with the clients logo debossed on it.
A street sign ad with a person creating a three-dimensional fine art sculpture.
A framed in door wall ad.

A Redefined Design System

The project's success hinged on the selection of fonts, colors, and an overall look and feel that resonated with the brand's distinguished character.

In doing so, ArtVersion aimed to create a visual narrative and design details that would echo the prestige and refinement inherent to Marlowe Fine Art. This nuanced approach helped to ensure that visual cohesion was prioritized while also evoking a sense of timelessness and gravitas.


Color Palette

The decision to employ a monochrome color palette in the redesign was a deliberate choice, aimed at mirroring the gallery's understated elegance and focus on sophistication. This palette choice allowed for a visual consistency that is both striking and refined, providing a backdrop that enhances rather than competes with the artistry of the pieces showcased. The incorporation of varying shades of gray, derived from the primary black-and-white palette, played a crucial role in achieving cohesive aesthetics.


For the typeface selection, a combination of Forum Regular and Open Sans family was selected to further complement the brand's refined aesthetic. This choice was intentional, balancing elegance with readability across all mediums. The Forum Regular typeface offered a sturdy serif foundation, ensuring that text was approachable and legible, while Open Sans introduced a touch of delicacy. Together, these typefaces blended tradition with modernity, in a textual representation.

Timeless Visual Elegance

The interplay between the starkness of black-and-white imagery and the weightiness of the selected design elements created a compelling and sophisticated brand experience. This approach not only reflected the brand’s heritage and expertise in the fine arts realm but also elevated its market presentation, seamlessly aligning with Marlowe Fine Art’s mission to stand out for its excellence and sophistication in the art world.