Douglas Rosin Decorative Arts and Antiques is a Chicago-based company with internationally-sourced, luxury materials perfectly suited for high-end interior design collections. Seeking a digital presence that would accentuate their elegant pieces, they engaged ArtVersion to create a modern interface — bringing the aesthetic of a world-class art gallery into a scalable ecommerce environment.

Engaging A Community

To generate allure surrounding their luxury collections, Douglas Rosin needed to create a resource that would capture the imagination of the design community. With this as the end-goal, ArtVersion organized the site architecture in the form of a gallery to encourage customer outreach and interaction. From there, designers could obtain tear-sheets optimized for print to put together professional mood boards to share with their own clients. Alongside this gallery of collections, ArtVersion developed an experiential blog so the brand could engage with a community of designers and those looking to add a degree of elegance to their spaces.

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Ecommerce Strategy

To capture a wider audience, building a solid digital presence is paramount. As a primarily brick-and-mortar establishment, Douglas Rosin sought to generate local interest in visiting their store as well as encourage designers across the globe to contact them about their unique pieces.

Enter ArtVersion. Leveraging their creative and technical expertise, the ArtVersion team developed a comprehensive ecommerce strategy to translate all of the brand’s collections into the backend of the new site. With a combination of content and data management and migration, the team conducted product data imports for thousands of SKUs to ensure that all products were available within the digital environment. That, paired with a modern, mobile-first design method, resulted in an interface that was fully responsive and accessible to all clients across all devices.

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