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Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral
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The Challenge

EPLAN, a German based software engineering company, reached out to ArtVersion to elevate brand positioning and design communications for the U.S. market. EPLAN USA required visual communications, corporate collateral and media design focusing on brand optimization and infographic development for industry presentations and B2B marketing initiatives. Maintaining consistency with existing corporate identity style guidelines was an essential element in the collaborative process with the EPLAN USA brand team. EPLAN USA is a company poised to grow. As a primary player in the worldwide rollout of efficient engineering, EPLAN is challenging the industry market by leading the way in the premium segment of process consultancy in engineering throughout the globe. In order to become the Western Hemisphere’s key provider of engineering solutions, it is necessary for EPLAN USA to create various narratives, promotional assets, marketing perspectives that communicate their objectives and state the availability of EPLAN USA’s services and software products.

A image of people watching a presentation.

Illustrating The Brand Value Process

The ArtVersion creative strategy and content teams created heightened brand visibility using consistent optimized iconography and micro-interaction elements reflecting the EPLAN USA brand experience. A high-level VALUE CHAIN PROCESS infographic was collaboratively developed which became the brand iconic representation of EPLAN USA, its process, and its integrated value propositions. Establishing marketing material and solutions that increase customer awareness and engagement required collaborative ideation with the brand and engineering teams to develop informational and innovative industry tools central to EPLAN USA’s Smart Value Chain Process.

Designs of report covers.
A business report cover.
A report spread of management summary.
A report spread of workflow and panel costs.
Closeup of machines working.

Visualizing Workflow And Data Analytics

In order to respond to the engineering needs of B2B customers, EPLAN USA needed to provide solutions that give access to relevant product data such as the technical data of components and production workflows. A visual platform blending iconography and UX/UI design with interactive data analytics and customization was required, thus allowing clients to integrate data into their processes, from design and purchase to commissioning.

Presentation slides.
Graphic design presentation slides.
A infographic of design and manufacturing. process.
UI design being demonstrated in a computer screen.
A warehouse with machines.

Brand Visibility And Innovative Engineering

With a clear understanding of EPLAN USA’s needs and target audiences, these initiatives delivered a fresh, intuitive approach to brand assets and presentations, optimizing visual storytelling, heightened visibility, interactions, and optimized user pathways.