Built around a uniquely different approach to Defined Benefit (DB) plans, October Three identified an opportunity to create clarity and to build a new understanding about where their industry is headed. Aligning with their perspective, the team engaged ArtVersion to create visual assets that would allow their brand to evolve and create meaningful engagement.

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Scope of work included

A Consistent Approach

Upon initial kickoff, October Three and ArtVersion began asset and brand assessment to develop marketing collateral to highlight the services offered, create brand consistency and design marketing materials to strengthen the brand. October Three needed to refine to consistent brand colors, logo and key differentiators so they can expand and highlight awareness. An overarching goal was to showcase the brand in a different perspective, an innovative, cost-effective and trustworthy company. After extensive internal user study and extensive analysis, the ArtVersion team was able to strategically develop key brand identifiers that unify the overall message. Consistent print and digital narrative were implemented to establish a consistent authority throughout the materials. Charts and data graphics were to be made very precise and language throughout the materials needed to be high level and academic.

case study cover design
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Encouraging Brand Awareness

By creating consistent designs and highlighting data, materials were developed to showcase services offered and well as merging brand inconsistencies to create a brand story. The cohesive brand message and marketing collateral proved beneficial for overall company growth and brand awareness. The October Three team is now equipped to position themselves in the market place as a leading provider that deliver a high level of value to their clients.

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Infographic & Data Visualizations

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infographic map data
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