Reliability In Redesign

As one of the oldest and largest independent distributors of waterworks, H.D. Fowler needed a website redesign to showcase their ever-growing legacy. The company confided in ArtVersion to redesign their existing website and jolt it to life with a modernized look and feel. Adapting to the changes of a constantly shifting digital world, the designers at ArtVersion know the importance of a staying up to date with digital design, thus it became the backdrop of the website’s restructure.

Scope of work included

A Fluid Design Process

The reworkings of the website included a myriad of visual restructuring and UI design execution. For both web and mobile interfaces, the layout structure needed to be purposefully and neatly crafted. The design team focused on creating custom iconography throughout the web design to pinpoint every facet of H.D. Fowler’s work and services. Each icon had a bright yellow color choice that aesthetically and tenaciously aligned with the dark blue color scheme of the company’s color pallet. The clean and modern website design direction upheld a minimalist feel, that encapsulated eye-catching visuals through graphic design elements and imagery throughout.

waterworks wireframes
products wireframe
locations wireframe

A Seamless Flow

Along with the website redesign, marketing collateral materials was another layer to the collaboration. An annual report was designed to further establish brand communications. It was vital to ensure the design of the report stayed consistent with the digital design to promote brand consistency. The report stayed loyal to the big and bold imagery implementation but offered new shapes for the photography to be embedded into. UX strategies were also vital to the project to ensure functionality within the UI design while also optimizing user pathways.

home page
waterworks products
corporate headquarters
location facilities long

Marketing Collateral

annual report design
annual report design
annual report design
annual report design

Custom Iconography

custom waterworks icons

The Solution

The outcome of the website’s facelift modernized H.D. Fowler’s digital presence in the online world. With the significant impact the waterworks company has made over the past decades, a reliable and contemporary website was paramount to relay their success.

mobile ui ux
responsive designs