A dashboard of an ai learning app displayed on mobile device.

Project Disciplines

Brand Design
Web Design and Development
UI/UX Design
A tablet and mobile devices showing a website for an ai learning educational platform company.

Education Innovation with Design

The education field has long embraced technology to advance young minds to learn. GeenuisEd is a growing software company bridging the gap between traditional learning and technology with AI. Their technology functions as a personal tutor for each student to better gauge areas of improvement and sharpen any learning skills on an individual level. To introduce their system to the world, GeenuisEd came to ArtVersion to design a front-facing web design for their audience as well as a dashboard design for their software system.  

Home landing page shown on a laptop device.
UI UX graphic elements showing how AI helps educators in their field.

Interactive visual elements were developed across the design system for an intuitive user experience.

Laptop screen with layers of screen elements on green background.
Liberal arts school subject UI UX elements.
Bright orange gear solid shape graphic brand element.

Web Design

The website experience was designed and developed as GeenuisEd’s front-facing website that shared its mission and vision with the education sector and demonstrated its software services. This included testimonials, contact points for demo scheduling, resource pages, and more. The overall experience was intuitive and bright to create an inviting tone, helpful for lead generation and audience growth.

ArtVersion also created a litany of webpages that were both content-rich and easily navigable, ensuring that users could find relevant information proficiently. Each page was optimized for user engagement, featuring interactive elements and streamlined navigation that enhanced the browsing experience while supporting the educational goals of GeenuisEd.

A web design screen showing the About Us page heading section for an ai educational learning company.
A UI showcasing school education subjects for an ai education website.
Logo design for an AI-powered app and website branding that helps students learn.

Logo Identity and Design Systems

The overall design language evoked a playful and professional look and feel. This was an intentional design choice to keep young minds intrigued in utilizing the platform and showcase GeenuisEd’s authority and trust. Alongside the inviting color story, ArtVersion created custom iconography to pinpoint succinct key information. Each icon was universally recognizable—using school supply motifs to contextually match the informational cues presented. To add a playful touch, ArtVersion also implemented the fluid, abstract circle elements to be reminiscent of stickers, offering a nod to educational settings and teachers. The rounded shapes were not solely exclusive to the decorative visuals, but also to components and modules across the website and dashboard for UI connectivity.

ArtVersion also helped GeenuisEd curate their logo design as part of their growing design system. ArtVersion utilized a typeface of soft edges, and rounded lines to tap into that approachable feel. Alongside the type, the “d” in “Ed” was altered for an embedded look within the abstract gear shape. The creation of the gear was designed to symbolize students’ learning and processing or understanding of information—particularly metaphorical within an education platform.

Logo app icon displayed on a mobile screen.
Logo design shown on mobile screen.
Logo construction design.

Custom Iconography

Dashboard UI

The GeenuisEd team had their technology in place and a rough outline of how their dashboard would look. This part of the software would be accessible for students to access their learning modules, and for teachers to analyze their courses. The team needed ArtVersion’s creative touch to assemble a cohesive and usable UI kit to be implemented into their technology—sparking a static layout with life.

ArtVersion collaborated closely with GeenuisEd’s software development team to fully understand the nuances of the dashboard’s functionality, to inform the design directions and decisions. ArtVersion created a dashboard created a visual story that prioritized functionality with an intuitive design that would be easy for both students and teachers to navigate, without sacrificing the overall aesthetic of the layout. The team brought in the vibrant and playful elements from the website into the dashboard interface to tie in the brand ecosystem, but to also create a learning platform that would engage learners.

A girl using laptop and studying with ai learning dashboard app.
Custom dashboard icons.
Mobile and tablet devices displaying an ai learning dashboard user interface.
Dashboard user interface module for an ai learning education app design.

Custom icons and graphic elements were implemented across the dashboard navigation.

Nexa light weight font.
Nexa regular weight font.
Nexa bold weight font.


Nexa regular, light, and bold were utilized within the graphic system. The clear, geometric lines of Nexa made it highly readable, which was particularly central for an educational platform where information needs to be easily accessible. The light version offered a gentle, unobtrusive look for general text, making long reading sessions less strenuous. The regular weight provided a slightly stronger emphasis without overwhelming the viewer, suitable for primary content. On the other end of the spectrum, the bold variation, used for headings and key points, helped draw attention, guiding users through the website's hierarchy.

Color Selections

The chosen color palette for the brand was curated to evoke a sense of vibrancy and professionalism. As the website and dashboard systems were catered toward younger audiences, the color hues created an inviting and calming user experience. Ensuring that the colors were ADA compliant, the ArtVersion team chose the shades to prevent eye strain or visual overload. Together, the colors created a refreshing balance.

Periwinkle Progress
Sunny Tangerine
Coral Quest
Mentor Teal
Ivory Chalk
Intellect Indigo
Testimonial section from a website of an AI learning app shown on a desktop screen.

The Outcome

GeenuisEd now attained a digital presence and software design to reshape the education sphere. Their technology could help learners gain information and new perspectives on their studies with a one-on-one tutoring learning process. Teachers were also equipped with a platform that streamlined the grading process and helped them uncover areas to better help their students. The website interface and dashboard design elevated GeenuisEd to new heights for growth that could transform the future of learning.