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Redesigning STEM Academy branding for Exelon Foundation

An outdoor poster with a logo on it located next to a parking lot and buildings.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
A subway poster with a company logo and playful colors.

Logo Design

As part of its Energy Education and Workforce Development initiative, the Exelon Foundation was seeking to refresh the visual identity of its STEM Academy. This academy is dedicated to empowering high school girls with practical experience in the fields of STEM, energy, and sustainability, guiding and equipping them for academic and career success. ArtVersion collaborated with the foundation to overhaul the logo for both the main academy and its Boys to STEM Academy program, creating a fun and dynamic aesthetic for the foundation.

logo guidelines behind an all black logo.
logo guidelines behind an all black logo.
A playful illustration of a molecule.
Two students working on a project together.
Two students working on a science project together.
A academic logo design on a banner hanging from a wooden ceiling.
Four students working on assignments on tablets.
Two students working together on a touch screen device.
A purple gear icon.
A child looking at a logo on a tablet.

Design Directions and Iterations 

With the many opportunities to creatively reimagine the logos for both academies, ArtVersion curated different design concepts that captured youthful vibrancy with professional sophistication. The typography designs were rooted in playfulness and academia composed of bright and gender-neutral colors to create an inviting atmosphere for potential students.

The design elements for the STEM Academy logo were rich in symbolism, featuring iconic imagery such as scientific apparatus, atoms, and more, encapsulating the academy's goals and ethos. In contrast, the Boys to STEM Academy logo opted for a more streamlined approach, with a minimalist molecule graphic. Despite their distinct visual paths, both logos achieved a compelling level of visual engagement while maintaining a unique identity tailored to each academy.

An academic themed logo.
An academic themed logo.
An academic themed logo with playful colors.
STEM Academy Logo
An academic themed logo with playful colors.
An academic themed logo.
A stand with a company sign and logo on it with playful colors and an illustration of a molecule.

Custom Apparel

When developing the logo designs, ArtVersion considered many facets, such as the accessibility of the colors, and the adaptability of the designs across various mediums, notably apparel.  It was pivotal to design and optimize the logos for student apparel and swag. The color selections popped out with vibrancy on the clothing items, and ArtVersion ensured that the translation from digital to physical was cohesive, seamless, and proportionate, without losing the logo’s integrity.

The Outcome

The redesigned logos were met with enthusiastic approval from both the Exelon Foundation team and the young participants of the STEM Academy and Boys to STEM Academy. The fresh designs created a renewed sense of excitement among current and future generations passionate about STEM. The positive reception punctuated the new logo’s ability to resonate with its audience in a refreshed way that still felt authentic to the STEM Academy’s design language.