A boston terrier dog wearing a sweatshirt with a pet club logo on it.

Project Disciplines

Digital Strategy
Graphic Design
Web Design & Development
UI/UX Design
A dog sitting next to laptop showcasing a dog club website home page.

PUPS Pet Club engaged ArtVersion as its design agency of record to orchestrate a sweeping brand and digital transformation.


PUPS Pet Club sought to revitalize its brand presence and digital footprint to better reflect its premium services and commitment to pet care excellence. The challenge was multifaceted: to deliver a website that provides an intuitive and engaging user experience, to develop branding elements that resonate with pet owners, and to create marketing and print materials that communicate the brand's value proposition effectively. Achieving coherence and consistency across these diverse initiatives was crucial to reinforcing Pups Pet Club's position as a leader in the pet care industry.

A 4 paneled signage advertisement design for a pet club.
Brand identity billboard with pet oriented imagery.


ArtVersion embarked on this comprehensive project with a strategic, user-centered approach, emphasizing collaboration and iterative design to meet PUPS Pet Club's ambitious goals.

Website Design and Development: Utilizing WordPress, ArtVersion developed a bespoke website that combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. The design focused on enhancing navigability and improving user engagement, incorporating enterprise-level UI/UX principles to ensure a seamless online experience for pet owners seeking information and services.

Branding and Identity: A critical component of the transformation was to refine company branding elements, including design patterns, color schemes, and typography. ArtVersion crafted a visual identity that reflects the warmth, professionalism, and trustworthiness of the brand, aiming to connect emotionally with pet owners and communicate the club's dedication to pet wellness.

Print and Marketing Collateral: To extend the brand's reach and impact, ArtVersion designed a suite of print and marketing materials. This ranged from brochures and business cards to promotional items and in-store signage, all unified by the newly established branding guidelines to ensure consistency and recognition across all physical touchpoints.

UI/UX Design: Recognizing the importance of digital user experience, we implemented cutting-edge UI/UX strategies for the website and online platforms. This included optimizing the site architecture, developing interactive features, and creating content strategies that enhance engagement and conversion rates.

A dog on a woman's lap next to a laptop displaying a website home page design.
A logo design for a pet club on a black background.
A logo design for a pet club on a white background.
The letter "A" in Montserrat Thin font.
The letter "A" in Montserrat Regular font.
The letter "A" in Montserrat Bold font.
The letter "A" in Montserrat Black font.


Montserrat font family was chosen for its versatility, ranging from thin light to medium, bold, and black weights. This typographic selection enables a dynamic range of expressions, from the elegance of light weights for subtle messaging to the assertiveness of bold and black for impactful communication, perfectly aligning with the brand's needs for clarity, modernity, and distinction across all its visual communications.

Color Selections

The selection of vibrant orange and cool blue hues for PUPS Pet Club's color palette skillfully balances warmth with professionalism, infusing the brand with energy and trustworthiness.


Web Design


The new WordPress website has become a cornerstone of Pups Pet Club’s digital strategy, offering an enhanced user experience that drives engagement and service inquiries.

ArtVersion teams continue to work with PUPS Pet Club’s stakeholders on digital presence through a new website, establishing it as a pivotal element of the club’s digital strategy. This enhancement significantly drives user engagement and service inquiries by offering a superior online experience. Concurrently, the introduction of refreshed branding elements fortifies PUPS Pet Club’s identity, nurturing a deeper emotional connection with pet owners and setting the brand apart in a competitive market.

Overhaul of print and marketing collateral effectively conveys the club’s unique value proposition, boosting brand awareness and fostering customer loyalty. Complementing these achievements, a concentrated focus on UI/UX design transforms interactions with pet owners on digital platforms, simplifying access to services and information, which in turn markedly elevates overall customer satisfaction.

A tablet screen on a table showcasing a dog training UX screen.
A gift box with pet themed gift wrapping for a pet club company.
A dog sitting next to a laptop screen displaying a home page for a pet club company.
A subway advertisement design for a pet club.