With a plan to reinvent the patient-provider relationship, FluxMed, an innovator of on-demand healthcare services, engaged ArtVersion Creative Agency to reach their target markets, expand visibility and encourage trust.

Scope of work included

Canada + USA

In a healthcare landscape that can be largely difficult to navigate, a new brand has emerged. Tackling some of the most urgent challenges in the patient healthcare system, the brand needed to project a new inspirational approach. To create an experiential presence, ArtVersion worked to express the provider’s values while extending a level of trust and hope to prospective and existing users.

print cover design2

Visual Brand Foundation

The ArtVersion creative team set out to bring the brand philosophy to life throughout the design with both contextual and visual cues. A modern, clean look and feel was developed in tandem with colors and imagery that inspired a calm but active lifestyle. As a result, user demand is up and the provider continues to experience quarter over quarter growth in the market.