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Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral

Creating Design Foundations

Hallcon, a transportation service provider for professionals of all backgrounds, needed a strategic design team to develop a variety of promotional materials to share their mission and services for all audience types and needs. ArtVersion delivered a collection of marketing and communications templates and website optimizations designed to reach Hallcon’s internal stakeholders and support their new business development efforts.

One Brand, Multiple Outputs

Hallcon had a new brand style and tonality that was poised to be expanded for the foundational marketing pieces.

These templates included proposals, presentations, case studies, and brochures that needed to be brand-flexible and easily adapted for various needs and client types while maintaining a creative and consistent graphic identity, voice, and tone. The narrative and design direction woven throughout expressed Hallcon’s value proposition, programs, operations, and other facets of their business that would most resonate with potential partners.

Statistic numbers blurb box overlay UI UX.
A cover design for a proposal.
Table of contents of an inner spread report design.
An inner spread design report.
An inner spread pages of a report design.
Open spread pages of a transportation company report design.

Color Selections

ArtVersion enhanced its existing color palette, by introducing and integrating new hues for added dynamism and creating striking contrasts against the darker tones present in some materials and templates. The addition of blue to the brand's original colors was a deliberate move by the graphic design team, aimed at highlighting key call-outs and iconography. This nuanced approach to color utilization enriched the brand's color story, breathing new life into its identity across various platforms and channels. The revised color palette achieved a fresh, unified appearance.

Light Blue
Light Gray
Fira Sans font in light weight.
Fira sans regular font.
Fira Sans font in bold weight.


Fira Sans was selected as the typography choice to help propel a high-end look and feel. The typeface was an optimal choice for its clarity, versatility, and modern aesthetic. The variety of its forms—light, regular, and bold, offered the opportunity to cleverly integrate visual hierarchy into the collateral materials. ArtVersion carefully selected Fira Sans for its sophistication and professionalism, to align with Hallcon’s forward-thinking aesthetic.

Brand-Focused Iconography

In the creation of collateral materials, ArtVersion added a series of graphic design and brand identity enhancements to elevate visual appeal. For content-rich documents like reports and white papers, the design team introduced custom-designed iconography consistent with Hallcon's branding. These visual elements were used as intuitive cues within report templates, featuring variations of "target" emblems and symbols, metaphorically symbolizing achievement and destination. The designs were thoughtfully crafted as cohesive circular motifs, ensuring a cohesive and engaging visual style throughout the brand's materials.

Custom iconography on top of a monochrome image of a bus in blue.
Brand graphic elements guide.
Custom iconography.
Blue custom icons on tablet screen.
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Designing For Growth

ArtVersion’s elevation of the existing colors and typography, as well as expressive icons and graphic design, clearly communicated the breadth of Hallcon’s services. Call-out quotes and infographics were created to highlight the most salient points of information and emphasize their value with a modern, clean and timeless design, creating a foundation for their marketing efforts across all audiences for years to come.

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