A tablet on a wooden table showcasing a home page design for a real estate website.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design
A laptop showcasing a real estate website featuring an image of a building.

Website Redesign for Non-profit Housing Organization

Full Circle Communities is a non-profit organization that breaks down the barriers for people to attain affordable housing with high-quality homes. 

To continue to drive their mission forward, the Full Circle team was seeking ArtVersion’s creativity and vision to refresh their website. The focus was on redesigning the site with a much more structured and robust visual hierarchy, easy navigation, user-centric pathways, and an aesthetically pleasing design language. To accurately present Full Circle’s portfolio of communities and homes, ArtVersion structured the website’s backend functionality to be robust and scalable to handle their growing list. Data integration and migration were seamlessly achieved to represent each property’s location, images, amenities, and downloadable documents.

On the visual side of the website, ArtVersion focused on creating a contemporary and welcoming look and feel. The team understood that Full Circle’s mission was to provide high-quality housing, thus the website’s look and feel needed to emulate that mission. Therefore, the desk language was rich with sleek visual elements, rounded shapes to play off the organization’s name, and large headers to further drive in that contemporary feel. Both the functionality and UI of the website were optimized for a responsive design for users to access their website across devices such as mobile and lower resolutions.

A home page UI design for a real estate website.
A real estate website displaying different properties with images of buildings.
A real estate website showcasing two different Illinois properties.
A real estate website featuring an image of two people moving into a house.
A desktop web design for a real estate website featuring a menu and an image of houses.
A recent news desktop design for a website.
A mobile phone standing upright showcasing a real estate website featuring an image of a building.
A mobile phone laying on concrete displaying an image of a building.

Logo Redesign

To align with the refreshed branding language of the Full Circle website, the team sought to update their logo as well.

ArtVersion presented a varied range of design options for the Full Circle team to evaluate. Each design was distinct and offered enough variety to allow the team to choose the one that resonated most with them. The logo concepts all incorporated a circular motif in various creative forms. Eventually, the team selected a final logo that featured a simplified circle with an abstract depiction of a house’s roof edge. This design also subtly incorporated the letter “F” when viewed from a certain angle, offering a clever nod to the company’s name, Full Circle, in a visually representative but understated way.

A street sign advertising a real estate company.

Color Scheme Concepts

Real Estate logo design.
Real Estate logo design.
Real Estate logo design.
Real Estate logo design.

Logo Concepts

A billboard featuring an image of a family standing in front of their home.

Color Palette

The color palette leaned into earthy tones that still conveyed a contemporary design. This was purposeful to emulate the feeling of “grounded-ness” and “community” which was central to what the non-profit organization achieves within its mission. The colors also propelled a look and feel of sophistication and professionalism.

Deep Stone Grey
Pickett Fence
A white hard hat with a logo on the front and the side of it.
Uppercase and lowercase "a" displayed in DM Sans Light font.
DM Sans
Uppercase and lowercase "a" displayed in DM Sans Regular font.
DM Sans
Uppercase and lowercase "a" displayed in DM Sans Medium font.
DM Sans
Uppercase and lowercase "a" displayed in DM Sans Bold font.
DM Sans


For the website, DM Sans was selected because it evoked a clear and easy-to-read style, which helped communicate important information effectively. Its modern and friendly style made the website appear professional and welcoming. Additionally, it was versatile enough to be displayed well on various devices, ensuring a good user experience for all users.

A mug sitting on a coaster with a white logo on it.
A business card with a company logo in the center of the card.
An abstract building with a single cloud hovering above the building.
A hanging shirt with a company logo on it.
A white and turquoise pen with a company logo on it.
An apartment complex with multiple different balconies on separate angles.
A glass window and a sign with a company logo on it.

The Outcome

The redesigned website helped advance the mission of Full Circle Communities.

It provided an intuitive and user-friendly platform that made it easier for prospective home buyers and renters to find suitable living spaces. The website’s clear layout and straightforward navigation ensured that users could access information quickly and efficiently, enhancing their overall experience. The new logo design elevated their organizational presence and helped them continue their mission of transforming affordable housing.