GEM Project

A Premiere Resource For The Financial Marketplace

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Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral
UX Design


Led by the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Reserve Bank Advisory Council, the goal of the GEM Project was to offer an alternative approach to explain modern macroeconomics, supporting greater accessibility and information sharing to the economic community. In pursuit of this vision, ArtVersion was tasked with branding the overall project from the start — then with designing and implementing a blog platform, eBook and research exchange integration within a new digital space in order to create stronger conversion rates for the target market.

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Brand Strategy

In an effort to create a unified community in which economists could interact with one another, ArtVersion worked on crafting a visual identity to represent the entirety of the GEM Project. With a new logo accompanied by brand standards inclusive of color and typography specifications, ArtVersion was able to encapsulate the vision of the project with strong graphic elements. The branding was then translated into an interactive web presence with academic resources to promote engagement within the community. Hosted within this digital space, ArtVersion also designed the cover and layout of the GEM Project Papers, eBook and financial report.

cover page design.
ebook spread design.
ebook spread design.
ebook spread design.
brand logo.
market exchange graphic.

UI/UX Design Strategy

The goal of the GEM Project was to create a digital community that economists could utilize as an academic resource and research exchange. With this understanding, ArtVersion built a simplified user interface along with a community-based blog where users could engage with one another and follow along with the current conversation. Incorporating resources including a reference glossary, eBook, and research exchange papers, economists truly found a home within the GEM Project interface.

web design mockup in a laptop.
web design for desktop.
glossary page design.
UI page design.
Desktop web design.
mobile UI design.