Exploring New Horizons

The world gravitates towards a brighter, more equitable future. It needs environmental champions to guide the way. That’s where the U.S. Green Building Council comes into play.

Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) is the global certification body for the LEED green building program, which drives adoption of green building infrastructure and sustainable business practices. GBCI has managed the certification of more than 3 billion square feet of real estate and the credentialing of almost 200,000 green building professionals with sights set on community impact.

U.S. Green Building Council enlisted ArtVersion to elevate its mission and purpose with a string of visual branding assets to keep GBCI’s narrative on the edge of tomorrow.

Scope of work included

Graphic Design
Content Analysis
Data Visualization

The Grass is Greener

With great commitment comes great responsibility. And ArtVersion was ready for the challenge.

Following careful content analysis, ArtVersion established concise, succinct information architecture for U.S. Green Building Council through wireframing strategy that captured the organization’s vision for sustainable building transformation. ArtVersion then helped U.S. Green Building Council take another step forward on the path to environmental prosperity with web designs adding a sleek visual dimension to the mission. Vibrant, curated images supported the text and balanced the framework of user experience.

Unifying Organizational Composition

Alongside ArtVersion, U.S. Green Building Council tied the knots of brand identity from top to bottom. This extended into graphic design, where ArtVersion improved the layout and structure of U.S. Green Building Council’s annual report. The result was a marvelous look and feel adequately addressing the wide range of sustainability challenges facing communities worldwide.

ls cover design
ls spread1
ls spread2
ls spread3
ls spread4
ls spread5
ls spread6

A Touch of Visual Bounce

ArtVersion’s in-house design capabilities run deep. So U.S. Green Building Council didn’t hesitate when leaning on ArtVersion to produce a promotional video that introduced the organization’s reimagined visual brand identity. The video emphasized a culture of sustainability and a layer of ingenuity about U.S. Green Building Council’s passion for LEED certification.

Customized Video Animation

A Cohesive Tune

In an increasingly LEED-certified world, U.S. Green Building Council marches on to the tune of sustainability. They do so with a cohesive identity and refined brand attributes powered by ArtVersion.

example pamphlet design
presentation slides
collateral design

Eyes on the Finer Details

GBCI administers two professional credentials for sustainability practitioners which provide third-party verification of competency in the field of sustainability. U.S. Green Building Council tagged ArtVersion to rename these credentialing programs and develop the style of corresponding logos in order to drive implementation of the LEED green building program throughout communities nationwide. The "Sustainability Excellence Associate" and "Sustainability Excellence Professional" credentialing programs were born.

tablet mobile
sep logo design
sea logo design
notebook collateral

The Result

The organization prides itself around a mantra of “healthy people in healthy places equals a healthy economy.” ArtVersion’s loaded design capabilities and creative direction changed the course of action for U.S. Green Building Council.