IB Talent Solutions

A tablet home page UI screen for a talent management company.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UX design

Designing and Developing an Online Identity 

IB Talent Solutions, a growing and independent business consulting service provider, needed to establish its web presence.

Stakeholders from IBTS came to ArtVersion to build out their website from the ground up. The primary objective of this initiative was to carve out a distinct identity for IBTS within its industry and to offer its clients a digital platform that would enhance engagement and accelerate connections with the firm. ArtVersion took up the challenge by designing and developing a WordPress website that successfully organized information, established a visual hierarchy, and created engagement pathways. Further, IBTS placed its confidence in ArtVersion's creative insight for the website's overall design aesthetics. The ArtVersion team delivered a visually inviting website, secured by a robust, scalable development framework, catapulting IBTS to new levels of prominence in their field.

A tablet UI screen on the "Our Impact" web UI design.
A mobile UI for "Executive Recruitment and Talent Acquisition".
A persons holds a smartphone in there hands on the about page of a web design.
A desktop UI screen on the "What We Offer" home page.
A UI web design screen showcasing the Strategic Management Systems infographic.
A UI screen design on Executive Recruitment & Talent Acquisition.
A UX/UI screen design featuring a headshot and quote from the founder and CEO.
Custom website design and user experience for consultancy agency brand identity development.

 Design Language and Functionality

ArtVersion was trusted with creative freedom with the UI, yet a central goal remained: establish trust and authenticity among potential IBTS clients with the design language.

As a firm that offers unique and holistic talent management services, ArtVersion recognized that the best trajectory for the overall design would be best achieved with a color palette that featured softer and lighter colors, accompanied by organic and playful graphic design elements and shapes. The incorporation of circular elements gave a welcoming and cohesive aesthetic but also complemented the logo's design.

On the technical side, the website's backend benefited from custom coding that introduced subtle animated movements, enhancing visual engagement. Additionally, custom-made iconography was crafted to delineate content sections clearly with visual cues, alongside a custom-designed infographic. The infographic detailed IBTS's service offerings and talent management methodologies. This helped further optimize the visual hierarchy and the overall structure.

A homepage UI screen design for lower resolutions.
A mobile UX/UI screen design featuring branded pattern elements and content for context.
A mobile UI screen on "The Firm" page.
A mobile UX/UI screen with content for Executive Recruitment & Talent Acquisition.

Custom Logo Design

To establish their firm's identity in the industry, IBTS also entrusted ArtVersion to design a custom company logo.

Through design iterations, ArtVersion curated diverse design directions that felt most resonant to the firm’s new identity. Ultimately, a circular shape with the IBTS letters in a horizontal stack made the final cut.  The circular motif was chosen for its softer, more approachable look, as its rounded edges conveyed a sense of completeness and integrity. Furthermore, ArtVersion provided a spectrum of color options for the logo, enabling IBTS to select their preferred hue. This collaborative approach culminated in a final design that was both professional and perfectly encapsulated the firm's brand identity.

A person hand drawing the clients logo.

Color Selections

The IBTS team was seeking an aesthetic that felt welcoming and approachable to potential clients, and color was the ultimate tool to achieve this. The ArtVersion team leaned into a color story that was rich in both pastel and solid colors, for a dynamic feel. Green was the primary color that helped solidify the color story, as it was pulled from the newly created logo for added cohesion. The lighter colors were utilized as accent colors throughout for added depth. 


Further tying in the amicable aesthetic, a balance between Libre Baskerville and Open Sans was used throughout the website. Libre Baskerville was an ideal typeface for headers and titles because of its classic elegance and modern readability. Designed with an eye towards both print and digital use, it offered excellent readability across various devices and screen sizes, making it accessible to a wide audience.  Open Sans was also a secondary typeface because of its clean lines that worked perfectly for larger portions of content and body text.

The front and back side of the branded business card.

Sales and Marketing Collateral 

With the website completely optimized and developed, the ArtVersion team moved on to a second phase of the design which included sales and marketing collateral design and development.

Understanding the need to amplify the visibility of IBTS's services and enhance client engagement, the team crafted a range of collateral items. These included sales sheets, one-pagers, pricing sheets, and PowerPoint templates, all of which embraced a cohesive aesthetic that mirrored the website's design. The second phase of design strategies fortified the brand's visibility and established a recognizable and unified design language across all platforms. By extending the website's visual theme to the sales and marketing materials, the ArtVersion team ensured a seamless brand experience that would resonate with clients and reinforce the firm's professional image.

Three one pager designs on the sky background.
A close up of the tan themed one pager design.

The Outcome

The launch of the website enabled IBTS to continue delivering exceptional holistic talent management solutions to its clientele, while also offering a platform that improved gateways for communication and conversion. Following the website’s debut, there was a noticeable increase in user engagement, reflecting the platform’s effectiveness in connecting with the audience. The development and thoughtful design of its digital assets have contributed to IBTS’s ability to flourish and maintain its commitment to serving its clients.